MyGo is a Johannesburg based raw cold-pressed juice brand founded by Riaz Hattia. They are the crafters, concocters, and cold pressers of delicious, plant-based juices and smoothies. “At MyGo we believe food can be medicine too! What better food source than fruits and vegetables that exude mother earth herself,” says Riaz.

MyGo provides quality juices using cold-pressed extraction. Cold-pressed extraction is a natural process of breaking down more than 90% of micro and phytonutrients from the entire organic fruit or vegetable without introducing any heat or oxidative elements during the process, which is more than what can be achieved through normal chewing. In addition, MyGo juices recover the essential oils contained in the skin of the fruits and vegetables.

“You cannot achieve permanent wellness, unless you change the way you live!”

Riaz shares the reason behind the formation of the business

Riaz Hattia

“Growing up in the 50s, our parents genuinely appreciated the health benefits which raw whole foods and home-cooked meals provided. Today, the food industry is littered with unhealthy, fast, and processed food options at every corner.

As a result, our healthy food choices have diminished, and we are getting bigger, more lethargic, and everyone we know has some or other chronic disease. Our bodies have become defenseless against sicknesses and dependant on prescription medication, which mostly treats the symptoms and not the root cause.

My wife and I got to a point in our lives where we needed to listen to our bodies. My wife suffered from severe inflammation (Rheumatoid Arthritis), and this prompted a lifestyle change and that’s how our healthy journey began. The greatest change would stem from our eating habits. We had become fully aware of the consequence of continuing down a path of unhealthy eating, a path that would lead to nothing but future health-related issues. We believe that keeping the body in good health is a duty, and we need to nourish our bodies with the right type of fuel that will keep the mind, body clean, and focused.

In short, we wanted to hit the “Restore to factory settings” button. We wanted to create something that would allow the body to reboot and cleanse itself, the natural way. We knew the only way to reboot our body was to go back to what the earth provides us, which is fruits and vegetables that have not been genetically modified.

And so, our love, appreciation, and admiration for raw, cold-pressed juices grew. The ability to give our body unprocessed nutrients enables us to take control of our bodies. Juicing is our lifestyle now, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

At MyGo we believe that everyone needs to consider juicing, in order to reset the body and nourish it in the most natural way possible, and not store-bought juices which are processed, full of preservatives, and full of added sugars.

We know that like us, most people lead incredibly busy lives, making it even more difficult to get healthy food options incorporated into their daily diets. This is why we decided to embark on the MyGo cold-pressed juice journey because we believe everyone should have access to quality, healthy food, that is easily accessible and fresh,” says Riaz.

Head to their website or Instagram page to view a full selection of MyGo juices and smoothies.