Sacred Healing is a young black woman-owned business. Yolanda Maphosa (18) recently launched the brand, prompted by the need to educate and aid magical beings on their journey to self-discovery and self-love.  

Sacred Healing promotes a more holistic approach to tackling day to day problems in the physical realm. They promote internal healing so that individuals can live their lives with purpose and happiness. They promote a realm that is far beyond what we see, and they are willing to help people tap into it.

Their product range includes Himalayan detox salts, crystal-infused glycerine soaps, smudge products like imphepho, lavender, rosemary, and cedar. They also have a large range of chakra products like bath salts, room sprays, and even incense sticks. Since launching the brand, Sacred Healing has received positive feedback.

Yolanda Maphosa

“The feedback feels like something people have been waiting for. Sacred Healing was never something I had always thought about. I mean, we all probably have business ideas that we just never seriously pay attention to but in this case, it was a calling that came with fast-moving energy working in my favour to execute it. The only way I could describe this is with the saying, “how sacred is it to listen to the nudges of your inner divinity”. I did just that and the universe took over. Spirit led me to this place! In this place, we sell everything to help people with cleansing, healing, and celebrating their aura and divine being,” says Yolanda.

For more information about Sacred Healing, visit their Instagram page