Kayan Mata (KM) Intime is a plant and fruit-based aphrodisiac range which was founded by Denise Murielle Khumalo. Kayan Mata originates from the Northern tribes of Nigeria and literally means “women’s things”. Kayan Mata refers to herbs or potions that act as sex or love enhancers and aphrodisiacs.

“For centuries West African women have shared these herbal secrets within these tribes to enhance pleasure during sex as well as treat many female reproductive concerns such as yeast infections etc. Our core product focuses on vaginal dryness, low libido, and female reproductive wellness. Our herbs are sourced from forests in the Northern Regions of West Africa, Mali, Nigeria, and Chad,” says Denise.

KM Intime’s main product, Horny Honey /Silky Gorontula, is expressly hand prepared from the Tula fruit. A process that starts from sourcing the fruit fresh, all the way to hygienically bottling, packaging, and selling the product. This product aids with vaginal dryness increases libido and treats ailments such as menstrual cramps and fertility.

Denise Murielle Khumalo

“For centuries, African women have been shy about disclosing sexual issues they are facing in their marriages or an inability to enjoy sex at all. This could be caused by contraceptives, menopause, or underlying medical conditions. All of which I have determined through research and feedback from my clientele.  Our herbal range includes ground herbs that stimulate libido and also offer healing properties. Our goal is to make sure every woman understands how important pleasurable sex is, how pain during sex can be treated and intimacy enhanced organically,” she says.

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