We all know that mousse is soft in texture that incorporates air bubbles to give it a light and airy texture. Yum yum!

However, The Mousse Fusion has given a new meaning to the delicate decadent dessert. The Mousse Fusion presents to you, more than just a dessert, it’s a memorable moment infused with an array of tastes from around the world. 

This journey begins the original taste of mousse that we all very much are aware of, but then something extraordinary happens. It starts with an extravaganza of scrumptious, slowly moving to an absolutely unforgettable experience. Their flavours leave an impression that’s so tantalizing, that makes it nearly impossible to not eat some more!

Some of their most favourite flavours include the ‘Ferrero mousse’, ‘Raffaello mousse’, ‘Turkish mousse’, ‘Milkyway mousse’, ‘Oreo mousse’ and ‘Peppermint mousse’. They often introduce new and fun flavours to their menu, which makes it so exciting!

The Mousse Fusion are confident in their meticulous secret recipe that has impressed the experienced foodies and they do not shy to add a bit of contemporary zest to their Flavours.

The glamor of The Mousse Fusion carries a story based on humble roots.

The family-based business values its customer feedback greatly. They have latched on to their business name based on some of their regular customers’ suggestions and it has proven to be their inspiration in the development of all their new flavours – an “infusion of wonders”

Who knows what they will surprise us with next?

PS: The Mousse Fusion’s ice cream range is launching soon!

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