Body Divine is an online Pilates and Body Conditioning platform bringing you live classes streamed to you wherever you are. 

Their team of professional, dynamic and down to earth instructors are passionate about bringing fitness and fun to you with our goal to get you in the best shape of your life!

Body Divine (Pty) Ltd virtual classes came to life in the depth of lockdown2020 after Sarah De Gidts, founder and head coach, had to close the in-house studio that she had been running for 15 years.

Sarah is deeply committed to encouraging people from all walks of life and all levels of fitness to get active, by making the decision to START, even from scratch, and build up to leading a healthy lifestyle and being the best version of themselves.

Body Divine offers the following live classes:

The Pilates classes are focused on improving balance, increasing core strength and flexibility, relieving stress, improving posture and targeted toning of specific muscle groups. Pilates is also well known to improve and relieve back pain.

The HIIT classes assist with weight loss, increase fitness and energy levels, and give you sharp bursts of aerobic and cardiovascular exercise which gets the heart pumping. HIIT classes may also increase your metabolic rate for hours after exercising.

The Body Conditioning classes are a combination of Pilates and HIIT. Body conditioning classes enhance mood, promote healthy bones, increase muscle strength, helps to prevent injuries and can improve running speed.

The Low Impact classes incorporate both Stretching and Beginner workouts. If you are a “newbie” to the world of exercise, this is a good place to start. Beginner classes are appropriate for all age groups, teach healthy movement and gentle strengthening. Stretching classes relieve muscle stiffness, relax the body and promote full-body flexibility.

Classes are saved to the stream for 7 days so if you are unable to make the class live, it will be available for 1 week until the next class comes up.
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