Annwen Jordan ( 34 years old ) also known as ‘Missjaybeauty’ was born in Johannesburg but raised in Durban, KwaZulu Natal, and later moved back to Johannesburg immediately after completing her schooling.

Annwen is a professional model and entrepreneur. She started modeling after being scouted at a mall but little did she know that the industry at that time had certain “beauty standards” and that trying to make a name as a successful model would prove to be challenging, to say the least.

After leaving the modeling and fashion industry to peruse other avenues, she returned in 2017 with new determination and energy, ready to redefine the definition of beauty by depicting how unbelievably multi-faceted women are through her profession.

“I find it so interesting that this word ‘beautiful’ has been misconstrued in our industry for the longest time”. says Annwen. Ironically, her name means beautiful (derived from Welsh descent). “For way too long, we have been underrepresented both as women of colour and as working professionals. The way our beauty and experiences are depicted on television, in fashion, in films, and in the news should fully reflect the expansive spectrum & nuance of our experiences and inner beauty,” she says.

Finding herself and owning her uniqueness has caused the industry to see her as racially ambiguous which has been her greatest strength. She describes herself as powerful yet vulnerable, strong yet delicate, sexy yet demure, creative yet strategic, unconventional yet understanding. She’s had the privilege of working with a lot of professionals in the industry but states that her most amazing experience has been working with brands such as Aot Foto Photography and Vamp Me Tumi MUA.

“Tosin Awosusi has literally ignited a fire under me that I believe will take me to the next level,” she says. Annwen definitely does not fit into one box anymore. In fact, she never did! She is versatile enough to represent any brand, look or profile and she states that she certainly won’t let anyone put her back into a box. She strongly believes that women are the most amazing beings gifted to this world and that they can be anything they want to be.

“It’s remarkable to see how the industry has opened up a little more and is accepting different definitions of beauty,” she smiles! “Even though as models we face much rejection at times, we should never let that stop us from achieving our goals. We should be fearless in our pursuit and make them believe in us. I believe that the only person who can stop you is You!” she says.

As a model, two things are important to Annwen, firstly, she intentionally aligns with brands that encapsulate women in all their beauty (not the societal definition of beauty) and brands that have a story to tell.

Secondly, she endeavours to showcase women through her shoots, artistry, and even entrepreneurship. “We are perfectly imperfect and that’s what makes us beautiful and enough! I do this because I believe that we owe the generations after us the right to see themselves represented in all industries, especially in beauty, entrepreneurship, and the media,” says Annwen.

Photographer: @AOT_foto

Makeup Artist: @vamp_me_cosmetics & @vamp_me_tumy

Hair Stylist: @wendy_hair_and_makeup_artist

Designer: @eaa_luxury_african_brand

Model:  @missjaybeauty