Afters Treats and Eats has been a dream of Lauren Hazell’s since she was a little girl. She has a passion for sweets, treats, and all things delicious. They are your place to get gourmet desserts, cakes, treats, and eats. Lauren likes to play with classic flavours and reinvent them into new and exciting treats. So, whatever your favourite is, she has something to tempt you, whether you are a chocolate lover or prefer a zesty citrus zing.

Lauren Hazell

Afters Treats and Eats wants to evoke your food memories, perhaps your childhood favourites as an amazingly decadent dessert. Lauren prides herself on using high-quality ingredients, which will create your new memories. As a trained pastry chef, she loves to play with flavours that really complement each other. Even if you haven’t tried it before, perhaps a little chocolate and cherry or a lemon dessert with a raspberry twist, what about beetroot and blackberry? She uses her chef skills to pipe, swirl, and finesses her creations.

You may wonder where the name for the business came from. Growing up as a South African, with British parents, there were always small differences and whenever they came to the end of a meal, the question would be, “What’s for Afters?” This question leads to the possibility of the delectable taste of something sweet and delicious to make the ultimate finale to a fantastic meal with family and friends. Therefore, the essence of ‘Afters Treats and Eats’ is nostalgia and family, so why not have it in the name. A name filled with memories, new meaning, and something to look forward to at any time.

You can find their delicious treats at a variety of markets in Johannesburg or go to the website for all your sweet delights. From a naughty cheat day treat to a party with a fresh fun cake or a high tea celebration.

Get in touch with Afters Treats and Eats, they can’t wait to start creating your next delight!