Fiya Shea Glow is an organic-based cosmetic and Beauty Company specialising in handcrafted natural, plant-based skin and hair products.

The brand is inspired by a deep fascination and appreciation for nature and how and its natural balancing provides us with all that we need and more. The inspiration comes from the uniqueness and great heritage of the fig tree dating back to ancient times. iFiya is the fig fruit in isiXhosa and the Fiya Shea Glow name also honours and recognises the founder’s mother’s name Nomafiya from whom she came and without whom she is am not.

Lindiwe Songca

The Founders Story

The Fiya Shea Glow story was birthed in Accra Ghana, when the founder; Lindiwe Songca took a work trip to a tropical city on the Gulf of Guinea in June 2019. The warm and humid Ghanaian weather direct contrasted the cold South African winter weather she had left back home. Lindiwe vividly recalls struggling to find an alternative skincare product, for her fragrance sensitive skin, which would provide lasting moisture and nourishment. It is here that she stumbled upon what the continent has dubbed ‘African Women Gold’, a colloquial term of endearment referring to shea butter.

Lindiwe was enthralled by the idea of an indigenous lotion for the African skin, grown and harvested organically on the African continent. ‘African Women Gold’ quickly claimed a stake in her heart as a go-to all in one moisturiser which leaves skin and hair radiant: providing long-lasting moisture with a natural glow. Upon returning to South Africa, Lindiwe endeavoured to share this magical organic skincare ingredient adopted from Tropical West Africa with men and women alike. Subsequent thereto, her home became an oasis for recreating magical experiences that would make people feel good in their own skin, and so Fiya Shea Glow was born.

Mother Nature nourishes life with her instinctual and intuitive knowing. Fiya Shea Glow borrows from nature’s innate wisdom as the company endeavours to heighten the beauty and wellness of its’ clients nature’s way. Fiya Shea Glow is rich in nutrients including vitamins A and E which are essential for healthy skin.

“Our Shea Butter is produced from the nuts of the Shea (Karite) tree without the use of chemicals or preservatives. Shea Butter is an anti-inflammatory and is recommended for a number of skin conditions, including eczema and dermatitis. Fiya Shea Glow protects skin against damage from sun exposure, cold and dry winter air. The Fiya Shea Glow product range is synonymous with receiving a heartfelt embrace from Mother Nature. Our vision is to become a global premium health, beauty, and wellness brand that rooted in nature for a natural skin glow. Our mission is to offer a high-end niche and premium skincare range that uses organic ingredients to enhance beauty and wellness,” says Lindiwe.