Kollegin is a handcrafted and non-alcoholic Gin brand that was created by four Bloemfontein mommies Elizma, Elizabeth, Annel and Erina. This idea came about after Elizma and Annel attended a women’s conference. There the dream was placed in their hearts and the idea sparked of creating a beautifully crafted Gin.

Subsequently, Erina came on board. Her wealth of experience in winemaking and farming came in handy and greatly assisted in the creation of their perfectly crafted products. Then on their journey, they came across Elizabeth, a creative, that brought the concept and heart of the brand into a reality.

Their range of products include the following:


An easy drinking infusion boasting beautiful soft flavours of juniper berries, angelica root, lemon verbena and citrus.

Original Kollegin

The Kollegin original juniper infusion leaves a trail of integrated spices and fruit that complement the characteristic dry/tangy taste of the juniper berry. This ensures a unique and refreshing drink enjoyed by all looking for that “not so sweet” beverage!

Rose Kollegin

Upon tasting the vibrant pink rose and juniper berry infusion, you will find your tastebuds soothed with a soft, lingering sensation of sweet flowers, soft Turkish delight, and slight lime flavours. These complement the characteristic dry/tangy taste of juniper berry that makes this drink so unique and refreshing!


Original Gin

The Natural Annabel | A boutique gin with smooth, sophisticated and distinct flavours.

Rooibos Gin

The Boho Sienna | A boutique gin infused with rooibos & honey

Rose Gin

The Romantic Emily | A boutique gin infused with rose petals

Visit Kollegin online store https://www.kollegin.co.za/  and Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/kolle_gin/