The festive season may look a little bit different this year, it may involve fewer people at family gatherings. It may even involve events with individuals wearing masks and dedicated people for serving foods. This is still such an important time to spend with family and friends especially given what this year has turned out to be.

These events include festive weddings, family celebrations, end year work functions, and end on Christmas Day. Naturally, this translates to a whole lot of amazing and tasty food, snacks, and sweet treats. During this season it is very common for one to gain a few kilograms of holiday weight.

All hope is not lost though, you do not need to start the new year with a weight loss resolution. You can still keep your health, fitness, and weight on track during this festive period without punishing yourself or avoiding the festivities. Try a few of these strategies with festive events and enjoy the time with family and friends!

  1. Do not skip meals

Skipping a meal to compensate for an event or festive dinner is not ideal. One is more likely to make poor food choices when starving. Rather eat regular small meals as well as the food at the event to keep your blood sugar stable and avoid binging at the event.

2. Eat before your event

Before leaving for a party or event opt for a small, healthy snack. This can be a fruit such as an apple with a spoonful of peanut butter or even a small salad. This strategy will ensure you do not arrive at the party hungry where you will be more likely to overeat and fall for temptations.

3. Survey the buffet or Look at the menu and plan what you are going to eat

Firstly, look over all the food options before piling up your plate or ordering the first (perhaps unhealthiest) thing you see. This strategy will ensure you do not eat everything that is on offer at a buffet. Rather take foods that you enjoy most over small bites of everything to avoid overeating.

4. Have an alcohol strategy in mind

Alcohol is fattening but as soon as the festive season arrives, we tend to overindulge. Strategies that can be used here is to not mix drinks but rather stay with one drink throughout. During the event, it is also useful to alternate each alcoholic beverage with a glass of water.

5. Pick light foods

When choosing foods to eat try and avoid deep-fried or fried foods which can provide a lot of calories and fats. Rather aim for grilled, steamed, or sauteed meat and fish. When looking at salads try and get an option that is not overdressed with dressing

6. Aim for fruity desserts

Fruit-based desserts are lighter on the stomach and a better choice than baked or creamy desserts. In general, it is a good strategy to stay away from rich sugary foods as they increase the sugar content in our bodies and make us crave more sugar.

7. Aim to increase your fruit and vegetable intake

All meals should be comprised of at least half a plate of vegetables. When making food choices ensure to place emphasis on your fruit and vegetable servings.

8. Eat a good breakfast, especially on Christmas Day

Very often we skip breakfast on Christmas Day or other important days because we don’t want to spoil our appetite for the big meal or event. Breakfast is very important as it provides the body with much-needed energy and fills the stomach so we are less inclined to snack on unhealthy foods later on.

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