Born in the Middle East, Pineapples & Dragonflies is a unique leisurewear brand created by South African designer Mags Hansen whose personal style and desire to find unique, inspiring, and comfortable resort wear led to her creation of the brand. 

“I design every piece to be timeless, ageless, and trend defying. It is not just about the clothes; it is about the feelings each outfit evokes and the experience it manifests. I want my clients to turn heads and feel confident without ever having to worry about a perfect figure. We are real women who embrace life in all its richness and my clothes should make women recognise just how gorgeous they are, exactly as they are.”

Mags Hansen

“I personally source every piece of fabric and finish to bring my inspiration to life. I oversee production and only work with independent artisans to ensure that each piece of clothing is handmade, ethically. I am obsessed with delicious colours, sparkling details, the way a piece flows, the texture of a whispering fabric and these passions shape my designs. Every element is carefully selected to tell a particular story, to inspire a feeling, and to bring life to dreams.  It often takes countless hours or even days just to find that one perfect piece of trim that will add the magic to a dress because. I believe life is about the details and every detail on my clothing is considered.  I produce only very limited numbers of each design because I want people to know that what they are wearing is a unique expression of who they are.” 

Having lived in the Middle East for over 20 years, Mags Hansen initially launched her brand in Dubai and Qatar and is now bringing her collection to South Africa. A limited collection of one-of-a-kind pieces will be available for purchase by direct order from the 14th of December and her website will be launched in early 2021.  

The evolution of Pineapples & Dragonflies continues to be inspired by colourful wanderlust dreams – whether you dream of Amalfi’s sunshine or exotic Arabia. It is a brand for real women who embrace their femininity and dare to be one of a kind. I am excited to be sharing this ongoing journey with you as I bring my collection back home to South Africa for the very first time.

For now, visit the Instagram page to follow the journey