Bakeology Studio is a centre of excellence and a culinary school in patisserie, baking, and sugarcraft decoration based in Melrose, Johannesburg – Gauteng.  They are a patisserie studio designed to facilitate and offer world-class baking programmes that many baking schools do not do. 

Sunaina Lalloo

“We keep baked products authentic and of high quality. We clearly understand that this practice introduced to our participants and affiliates, thereby effecting change in the way they bake and being better equipped to attend to client needs. We offer a range of programmes where you can learn to bake in a fully equipped studio, where each individual has their own bake station, equipment and ingredients. We are driven by passion, excellence and our love for patisserie,” says Sunaina Lalloo – Founder of Bakeology.

“We also supply freshly baked products on order through our sister subsidiary Freshly Bak’d.  We understand the busy life of working moms and dads whom can definitely do with having freshly bake’d cookies, blondies, biscottis as well as pastries for the week. The best way to contact us is on Instagram or WhatsApp through Bakeology Studio, ” she says.

Bakeology’s key objectives are:

  • Instilling people with the skills, confidence and insights in baking and pastry
  • Building future entrepreneurs
  • Assisting the previously disadvantaged
  • Providing opportunities for any individual who has a disability.

Their baking and pastry programmes have no age limit. They have future young and talented junior chefs in the making, as well as senior individuals in their 60s still seeking to learn a new set of rose and pistachio cupcakes to spoil their grandchildren. At Bakeology, they love and fully embrace this diversity and always maintain a friendly environment within the studio that makes everyone feel warm, welcome, and a part of the team.

Bakeology Studio has a range of patisserie programmes that have been carefully designed to provide you with the necessary knowledge, skills, and equipment required during the preparation, baking, and designing process of cakes, cookies, and baked items as well as a variety of pastries and dough products.

“We pride ourselves in maintaining a high level of cleanliness, safety, and professional etiquette in the entire baking and patisserie preparation process. We practice and share the key insights in safety and hygiene standards and requirements needed when working with cakes and baking products and believe this will enable all our participants and affiliates to practice the same in their kitchens and bakeries when preparing products for their clients. Our studio’s ambiance gives every individual the ideal baking experience to fully explore and indulge in creations,” says Sunaina.

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