Juditha Sakinofsky is a Cape Town-based brand that makes West African Cotton Print tote bags and slippers for women. The tote bags are proudly handmade in Cape Town and slippers are made in Istanbul and exclusively available at the Juditha Sakinofsky studio. They are produced using good quality fabric and have Camo water-resistant lining at super affordable prices available for delivery only in Cape Town.

Juditha Sakinofsky believes in a zero-waste approach to the brand! The totes are a great start towards an up-cycle chain which will lead to a variety of sustainable projects.

Juditha Sakinofsky


The brand is named after the Founder, Juditha Sakinofsky who draws on more than 30 years in media, design and retail together with broad experience in styling and extensive travels. Juditha has honed a keen Bohemian eye. Rich textiles, beautiful raw materials and unexpected traditional details are at the core of her aesthetic. 

Juditha started her career at Fair Lady magazine and then Cosmopolitan

in Cape Town before moving to Toronto where she continued as a stylist on magazines and television. Seeing a demand in the market for branding and packaging, she subsequently launched Spotted Zebra, which started as a corporate gift service. For 18 years everyone from film production companies to law firms counted on her for their gift-giving, which later expanded into a downtown neighbourhood hub and well-known concept store.

Embracing the need for change, in 2011 she packed up and moved to New York to launch Found Object with her brother Salvo. Under this label she worked with collections of distinctive and artisanal pieces, all handpicked from vintage, tribal and market-found textiles that originated in Central Asia, Turkey as well as North and West Africa, and coveted by tastemakers around the world.

Most recently, Juditha has circled back home to Cape Town to continue her lifestyle collection of home furnishings that include handwoven Ikat, vintage Suzani and a newly introduced scarf range with iconic South African images that speak personally to her.

Visit their website: www.juditha.co.za

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/judithasakinofsky/