Honoured Organic Proud Always is an organic hair product brand that aims at growing, strengthening and repairing hair for all, but most importantly it aims at defiling odds. The brand was established by 21-year-old Lebohang Mojaki.

Their products are made to be applicable by people of all ethnic groups, all hair types and can be used by both males and females. Their products are infused with nature’s finest herbs that nourish and help seal in moisture. All their products have an airy feel, making the application of the products smooth on your hair as well as giving your hair all the nutrients it needs. 


Lebohang Mojaki completed a Higher Certificate in Project Management at the University of Johannesburg and graduated with a distinction. Currently, she is studying Heritage and Cultural Tourism Management at North-West University.

Lebohang Mojaki

“As a young lady, I have always been fascinated about being my own boss and acquiring resources for myself. As I was about to start my business, I faced challenging moments in my life that have left me with physical and emotional scars. All my life all I have known was to take good care of my hair and I was proud of it. However, I lost a good amount of my hair during the crisis I faced with my family. For two months I could not even look at myself in the mirror because I lost a bit of self-confidence. I chose to rise above it all and wear my damaged, brittle hair with patches all over with pride until I gained my confidence back and I did just that. Four months down the line my hair recovered from using my products like it was never damaged before and that gave me the confidence to believe in my business twice as much. The honour that came with me battling out my challenges motivated me to reach for my goals, and that is actually how the name came about. Starting Honoured Organic Proud Always has been one of my greatest achievements, to some it’s just a business, but to me, it’s my victory,” says Lebohang.  

For more information and to order the products, visit their Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/honoured.organic.proud.always/