Pink Lava was founded by, Jeannine de Villiers, a free spirited Jozi Girl in 2016 as a South African based crystal jewellery brand. Pink Lava began with an idea and intention to supply unique gemstone jewellery to the “moon child” in each and every one of us. They have grown exponentially since then and are now able to supply gorgeous bohemian style 925 sterling silver and gemstone jewellery to satisfy free-spirited and highly individualised clients.

Jeannine de Villiers

“Our jewellery is made and sourced with the intention of giving our clients a sense of bliss and harmony, which is why natural gemstones are incorporated in most designs. The healing properties of gemstones are the reason behind each and every jewellery piece. Our jewellery is sourced especially for the free spirits, gypsies and goddesses of today’s society. We work hand in hand with jewellery artisans and silversmiths from around the world to bring you something beautiful. Here at Pink Lava, we believe that you should be able to wear your Bliss each and every day. Whether you need rings, bracelets, or earrings to make you feel fabulous, we’ve got something unique to satisfy your individual style! Embrace your inner Goddess and wear your Bliss! What better way to do this than to adorn yourself with unique silver and gemstone jewellery.

Embrace your inner beauty and strength! Love yourself… love your vibe…WEAR YOUR BLISS!

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