The average woman will use plus-minus 16 000 disposable sanitary products in her lifetime, which will take hundreds of years to biodegrade, if at all.

Vnita Pads are made out of 100% cotton outer layer (the part that touches your body) and inner layers are made out of a variation of high absorbency cotton towelling, bamboo fleece and breathable softshell fleece.

That said, you are reading this because you are still not 100% convinced. That’s okay. We get it! It’s a big change. You’ve been using disposable products for your period protection for your entire life and these reusable pads are a big change and a big investment.

A great reusable sanitary pad should be comfortable, affordable and well made. It should stay in place and absorb just as well, if not better than any disposable sanitary pad.

Many clients that use Vnita pads claim that they are more comfortable than disposables, they do not smell and they are far more affordable than buying disposables.  An added bonus is that you are making the choice to use something that is less harmful to your health and the environment.

1 Vnita pad = 144 disposable pads over 2 years!

No matter your menstrual cycle needs, whether you have a heavy or light flow, you can find a reusable option.

Another benefit of reusable sanitary pads? They’re gorgeous!!! Choose from a range of colours, prints and styles that will put a smile on your face (even if no one else knows your secret).

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