Denim was created to provide a versatile, durable yet stylish alternative to everyday garments and products, targeting the majority of the market. Denim is more than just cotton fabric, it inspires opinion within the hearts of historians, designers, teenagers, movie stars, writers, and reporters. The timeless fabric that never goes out of fashion and everyday wear fabric from workwear to a casual day in the inner city.  Denim, styled like luxury cotton or even selvage denim can provide an endless list of products, especially in this era of a wide variety of textures.

With all of the above said and done, denim is still underutilised.  Through the centuries, denim has been proven to be appropriate and stylish for any occasion. Our solution as Denim by Zoe is to create a denim fashion and accessory brand that is stylish, elegant, and more versatile than it has ever been.

Denim is an everyday wear fabric and we are about the everyday urban lifestyle, we want to be the denim brand in the country that pushes the denim urban style which we really love. We provide quality fashion garments at affordable prices, with the correct styling, as we always have our finger on the pulse of the latest trends. 


Zoe Adams

Zoe Adams is the owner of Denim by Zoe, a denim clothing and accessories brand that was launched in January 2020.

“I don’t have any design or fashion qualifications, but what I do have, is a great love for denim and believe that its durability and versatility is the key to its everlasting presence. When you make a quality product with quality fabric, it is an investment piece that can be passed down from generation to generation, without it going out of style.  All items are locally made in Cape Town and can be couriered nationwide.  I only make 50 of each item (excluding the masks), so you are guaranteed to be wearing a limited edition across the country. I’m looking forward to the year ahead focusing on getting my label out there, growing my client base, and making sure to continue providing high-end quality investment pieces at reasonable prices.  My focus is on the products and the clients who buy them.

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Photographer: @zaahid_photograref

Makeup Artist: @robynlee.crocker 

Models: @vero_uniq @she_sparks @ms_dene and @2.5_may