Keep your home germ-free with Albex™

Keep your home germ-free with Albex™

Our homes are our safe havens away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Even more so over the past year, where many of us have found ourselves spending the majority of our time at home. It’s where we cook, eat, sleep, relax and get ready, so it’s important to keep everything in tip-top shape. Unfortunately, more often than not we bring the outside world into our homes with us in the form of germs. Homes can be a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, viruses and mould. Luckily, with the help of Albex™ cleaning supplies, there are easy and effective ways to disinfect the top germ hotspots and keep your home germ-free.

Identifying the hotspots for germs around your home is the first step in making sure your environment stays clean and protected. Check out these top spots and how to make sure they stay germ-free:

Besides the dishes, you want to make sure you are cleaning these lesser-known germ hotspots: 

  • Doorknobs
  • Appliance handles
  • Light switches
  • Tabletops
  • Counters

1. Make a simple disinfecting solution by adding 1 cup of Albex™ bleach with 5 Litres of water
2. Clean the above-mentioned surfaces with the solution. Allow to sit for 30 seconds.
3. Rinse and allow to air dry.

This may be where you go to get clean, but that’s all the more reason to regularly wash and wipe down surfaces in the bathroom. Disinfect your toiletsink and bath regularly with Albex™ BleachAlbex™ Multipurpose Thick Bleach or Albex™ Bleach Foamer.

Don’t forget about the little ones! Toys can easily pick up dirt and germs, and need regular cleaning to protect your children.

 Mix ½ cup of Albex™ Bleach into 5 litres of water.
2. Wipe the toys with the solution and allow them to sit for 5 minutes, or submerge the toys into the solution for a total of 5 minutes.
3. Rinse with water and allow to air dry.

Believe it or not, your bedding can be packed with germs and bacteria too, and often simply washing it won’t always do the trick. To make sure your bedding stays germ-free, start with a bleachability test to determine whether it is bleach safe before bleaching entirely.

1. Mix 3 tsp Albex™ Bleach to ¼ cup water and apply a drop of this solution to a less visible part of the garment. Wait 1 minute and then blot dry. If there is no colour change it means you can safely bleach your bedding.
2. Wash the bedding on the hottest water recommended by the care label using detergent with 1 cup of Albex™ Bleach added.
3. Air dry for best results.

Make sure you cover every spot in your home with a free printable cleaning checklist from Albex™. Keep it on the fridge or your wall as a reminder of what needs to be done and where.

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 free printable cleaning checklist

La Belle Lipkitz – Vegan-friendly – Cruelty-free Not tested on animals!

La Belle Lipkitz – Vegan-friendly – Cruelty-free Not tested on animals!

La Belle Lipkitz is made from a high-quality unique formula of enhanced colour pigments which create intense long-lasting colour and non-transferable when applied. This matt liquid lipstick does not dry out your lips compared to other matt lipsticks but rather leaves the lips with a soft light feeling. Each lip kit consists of a lip liner and a liquid lipstick. The lip liner is retractable and has a built-in sharpener.

La Belle Lipkitz contains no alcohol or animal products and is not tested on animals hence making them vegan friendly and cruelty-free.  The best part is that the lipstick will not rub off onto your mask so you will still have that fresh ‘just applied’ look on the removal of your face mask. On application, la belle can last up to 12 hours even when eating and drinking.

Visit their website: and Instagram:

HeiliGrace Couture – Gracefully You!

HeiliGrace Couture – Gracefully You!

HeiliGrace Couture was established in 2019 by Heilize Agenbag, a small-town girl from Klerksdorp in the North West, trying to make it big! They design bridal and Bridesmaids dresses, special occasions, and Matric Farewell dresses.

They recently celebrated their 2nd birthday on Valentine’s Day with a total new look and feel for their brand on all social media platforms.

Lisa-Marie Le Roux joined the HeiliGrace Couture team as the new co-designer, and she started with a bang by designing the breath-taking Valentines Gown for 2021.

“Our inspiration came from the little girl living inside all of us wanting to feel like a princess combined with the idea of love.  Love is not based on someone loving you. It is based on self-love, self-worth, and confidence in knowing who you are, or as former Miss Universe Demi- Leigh Tebow says – “Having the confidence in who God says you are.”  

Our mission is to be the ultimate house of couture where we can create a luxurious experience for our clients. Showcasing our premium quality evening gowns and ready-to-wear pieces, by dressing our HeiliLadies with exclusivity and capture the feeling of uniqueness. We practice exclusively in Bride and Bridesmaids Gowns, Mother of the Bride/Groom, Special Occasions and Evening Gowns.

Living in these uncertain times we thought of designing a ready to wear couture line, that will be known as HOH. Their collection includes fashionable yet timeless Must-Have pieces, such as a fitted blazer, your basic white t-shirt with a twist, and that sexy little black number for a date night.

HeiliGrace Couture has exciting news for brides-to-be!

Soon, the brides will have the option to order their bridesmaids and groomsmen proposal boxes from HeiliGrace Couture making it quite easy for the bride/maid of honour. So, in essence, they want to create a one stop shopping experience for their clients.

Their website:  is currently offline and under maintenance in preparation to unveil the new offering. So, watch this space!

Facebook: @heiligracecouture

Instagram: heiligrace_couture

Brand ambassador: Charlize Kasselman

Photographer: Melanie Els

What SA celebrities wore for Valentine’s Day

What SA celebrities wore for Valentine’s Day

Each year on February 14, people dress up, exchange cards, candy or flowers with their special “valentine.” This year, celebrities like Mihlali Ndamase looked absolutely stunning as they showed off their gorgeous and sexy lingerie.

Here are some of the looks:

LaGi – Women’s Quality Leather Clothing and Jewellery

LaGi – Women’s Quality Leather Clothing and Jewellery

LaGi is a jewels and leather company that was started by Gisela Landau about 10 years ago. Their jewellery and leather are of the highest quality.

Gisela Landau

“What inspired me were my travels to India. I’ve always loved jewellery and fashion and I’ve been told by friends and colleagues that I have a great eye. My jewelry is of the purest quality and is all 925-sterling silver with semi-precious stones. The soul of the designs is contemporary, and the pieces are classic and timeless. The leather garments I design, and import are of the highest quality naplan leather and are also unique in colour and style. Some pieces are just must haves in your wardrobe. A great investment is a classic biker jacket as well as a gorgeous, fitted leather shirt. To accessorize all the above I also import beautiful linen and silk scarves, so there you have it, a one stop shop at LaGi, will see you through winter and summer.

To shop LaGi, visit their website and their Instagram page