La Belle Lipkitz – Vegan-friendly – Cruelty-free Not tested on animals!

La Belle Lipkitz – Vegan-friendly – Cruelty-free Not tested on animals!

La Belle Lipkitz is made from a high-quality unique formula of enhanced colour pigments which create intense long-lasting colour and non-transferable when applied. This matt liquid lipstick does not dry out your lips compared to other matt lipsticks but rather leaves the lips with a soft light feeling. Each lip kit consists of a lip liner and a liquid lipstick. The lip liner is retractable and has a built-in sharpener.

La Belle Lipkitz contains no alcohol or animal products and is not tested on animals hence making them vegan friendly and cruelty-free.  The best part is that the lipstick will not rub off onto your mask so you will still have that fresh ‘just applied’ look on the removal of your face mask. On application, la belle can last up to 12 hours even when eating and drinking.

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21-year-old launches non-binary/unisex haircare product brand

21-year-old launches non-binary/unisex haircare product brand

 Honoured Organic Proud Always is an organic hair product brand that aims at growing, strengthening and repairing hair for all, but most importantly it aims at defiling odds. The brand was established by 21-year-old Lebohang Mojaki.

Their products are made to be applicable by people of all ethnic groups, all hair types and can be used by both males and females. Their products are infused with nature’s finest herbs that nourish and help seal in moisture. All their products have an airy feel, making the application of the products smooth on your hair as well as giving your hair all the nutrients it needs. 


Lebohang Mojaki completed a Higher Certificate in Project Management at the University of Johannesburg and graduated with a distinction. Currently, she is studying Heritage and Cultural Tourism Management at North-West University.

Lebohang Mojaki

“As a young lady, I have always been fascinated about being my own boss and acquiring resources for myself. As I was about to start my business, I faced challenging moments in my life that have left me with physical and emotional scars. All my life all I have known was to take good care of my hair and I was proud of it. However, I lost a good amount of my hair during the crisis I faced with my family. For two months I could not even look at myself in the mirror because I lost a bit of self-confidence. I chose to rise above it all and wear my damaged, brittle hair with patches all over with pride until I gained my confidence back and I did just that. Four months down the line my hair recovered from using my products like it was never damaged before and that gave me the confidence to believe in my business twice as much. The honour that came with me battling out my challenges motivated me to reach for my goals, and that is actually how the name came about. Starting Honoured Organic Proud Always has been one of my greatest achievements, to some it’s just a business, but to me, it’s my victory,” says Lebohang.  

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Compliment your skin and hair with Equisan’s range of products!

Compliment your skin and hair with Equisan’s range of products!

Equisan is a South African company that specialises in skin and hair care products that focus on repairing and protecting your skin/hair and their unique properties. 

Equisan provides hypoallergenic products that work with your skin and hair properties instead of trying to change them.

Equisan E-cream is hypo-allergenic and a necessity for individuals with sensitive skin, recurring skin problems, and eczema.

Equisan Herbal Hair food is an organic product that helps strengthen and protect as well as grow natural hair. They have a growing range of products each with their own advanced and unique specialty.

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Essential oils, carrier oils, and aromatherapy auxiliaries

Essential oils, carrier oils, and aromatherapy auxiliaries

Escentia Products began with a small dream and a passion for the vibratory powers of nature. They first opened their doors in 1994 with the purpose of supplying the highest quality essential oils, carrier oils, and auxiliary products. Since then their product range has grown to showcase one of the most comprehensive ranges of essential oils in Africa. They have dedicated almost 30 years to sourcing and bottling only the purest oils from around the world. In addition, they have expanded their range to offer options that are catered to each individual’s needs. These include pure essential oils, organic essential oils, and standard oils. 

What fuels their passion for nature?

Escentia understands that each plant carries its own essence, a unique energy signature, which is transferred to the body, mind, emotions, and spirit when one uses them for healing or for one’s general wellbeing. The natural kingdoms and wealth of the earth lie at the heart of what they do and, when combined with their extensive background in chemistry, this ensures that they are at the forefront in both education and quality. They also specialise in certain areas and can supply interesting and exotic oils such as Naartjie, Red Raspberry, Pomegranate, Helichrysum, Ravensara, Agarwood, Spikenard, and Tumeric Oleoresin. Additionally, many of their oils are supplied by local farmers in an effort to support South Africans.  

What about quality? 

As a local South African company, Escentia has always strived to provide top-quality products at affordable prices. They have become well known in the market for this superb quality and reliability. They don’t believe in charging exorbitant rates for fantastic quality oils, and to this end, they have encountered much resistance over the years. However, their experience and expertise have shown that high-end oils don’t need to cost a lot of money. Escentia continuously endeavour to source upper calibre material, which they offer to their clientèle at fair rates. 

In an effort to empower all self-healers, Escentia presents multiple oil grades, each suited to specific preferences. With regards to oil definitions, each grade must be taken individually and differences to preference may occur between professionals.

Premium Organic Beauty Products for That Natural Glow!

Premium Organic Beauty Products for That Natural Glow!

Fiya Shea Glow is an organic-based cosmetic and Beauty Company specialising in handcrafted natural, plant-based skin and hair products.

The brand is inspired by a deep fascination and appreciation for nature and how and its natural balancing provides us with all that we need and more. The inspiration comes from the uniqueness and great heritage of the fig tree dating back to ancient times. iFiya is the fig fruit in isiXhosa and the Fiya Shea Glow name also honours and recognises the founder’s mother’s name Nomafiya from whom she came and without whom she is am not.

Lindiwe Songca

The Founders Story

The Fiya Shea Glow story was birthed in Accra Ghana, when the founder; Lindiwe Songca took a work trip to a tropical city on the Gulf of Guinea in June 2019. The warm and humid Ghanaian weather direct contrasted the cold South African winter weather she had left back home. Lindiwe vividly recalls struggling to find an alternative skincare product, for her fragrance sensitive skin, which would provide lasting moisture and nourishment. It is here that she stumbled upon what the continent has dubbed ‘African Women Gold’, a colloquial term of endearment referring to shea butter.

Lindiwe was enthralled by the idea of an indigenous lotion for the African skin, grown and harvested organically on the African continent. ‘African Women Gold’ quickly claimed a stake in her heart as a go-to all in one moisturiser which leaves skin and hair radiant: providing long-lasting moisture with a natural glow. Upon returning to South Africa, Lindiwe endeavoured to share this magical organic skincare ingredient adopted from Tropical West Africa with men and women alike. Subsequent thereto, her home became an oasis for recreating magical experiences that would make people feel good in their own skin, and so Fiya Shea Glow was born.

Mother Nature nourishes life with her instinctual and intuitive knowing. Fiya Shea Glow borrows from nature’s innate wisdom as the company endeavours to heighten the beauty and wellness of its’ clients nature’s way. Fiya Shea Glow is rich in nutrients including vitamins A and E which are essential for healthy skin.

“Our Shea Butter is produced from the nuts of the Shea (Karite) tree without the use of chemicals or preservatives. Shea Butter is an anti-inflammatory and is recommended for a number of skin conditions, including eczema and dermatitis. Fiya Shea Glow protects skin against damage from sun exposure, cold and dry winter air. The Fiya Shea Glow product range is synonymous with receiving a heartfelt embrace from Mother Nature. Our vision is to become a global premium health, beauty, and wellness brand that rooted in nature for a natural skin glow. Our mission is to offer a high-end niche and premium skincare range that uses organic ingredients to enhance beauty and wellness,” says Lindiwe.

Importer of Authentic Korean Beauty Products

Importer of Authentic Korean Beauty Products

Kawai Karu Kosmetics was born from a hobby and passion for Korean skincare and beauty products six years ago, a time when no one even knew about Korean beauty products.

Four years later, as Korean beauty and skincare became more popular and in-demand over the years in South Africa, founder Karusha Naidoo decided to turn it into a business interest. They are a registered company and registered importer with SARS.

They are an online store based in Durban that carries a select range of authentic Korean beauty products from South Korea, including hair care and makeup items. They try to cater to all customers ranging from affordable skincare to high-end products.

They love to do giveaways, specials and sales that feature Korean Pop music (K-Pop) and Korean food. They also like to give back whenever we can, whether it is sponsoring makeup for underprivileged schoolgirls going to prom or contributing to goodie bags for the BTS Love Yourself movie screening in Durban for ARMY’s.

Kawai Karu Kosmetics offers delivery to all over South Africa from Stanger to Port Elizabeth to Mpumalanga and they offer free delivery on orders of R500 or more.

Keep a close watch for their Black Friday deals!