La Belle Lipkitz – Vegan-friendly – Cruelty-free Not tested on animals!

La Belle Lipkitz – Vegan-friendly – Cruelty-free Not tested on animals!

La Belle Lipkitz is made from a high-quality unique formula of enhanced colour pigments which create intense long-lasting colour and non-transferable when applied. This matt liquid lipstick does not dry out your lips compared to other matt lipsticks but rather leaves the lips with a soft light feeling. Each lip kit consists of a lip liner and a liquid lipstick. The lip liner is retractable and has a built-in sharpener.

La Belle Lipkitz contains no alcohol or animal products and is not tested on animals hence making them vegan friendly and cruelty-free.  The best part is that the lipstick will not rub off onto your mask so you will still have that fresh ‘just applied’ look on the removal of your face mask. On application, la belle can last up to 12 hours even when eating and drinking.

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Forty Two Minerals – Not Just Minerals it’s Mineral Makeup!

Forty Two Minerals – Not Just Minerals it’s Mineral Makeup!

Forty Two Minerals was established in 2020, the founder started experimenting with minerals in 2016 after extensive research for safe ingredients and good quality makeup for sensitive skin prone to outbreaks. The mineral cosmetics brand is a South African online makeup brand. All their ingredients are locally sourced from various corners of the country.

The products are carefully formulated, and they source the best quality minerals locally to develop quality products. The products are nourishing, gentle, hyper-allergenic and safe for acne, rosacea, sensitive skin and are suitable for all skin types from oily to dry skin.

Most of the products contain the following basic ingredients:

  1. Mica which provides a natural glow
  2. Titanium dioxide which provides sunscreen and anti-inflammatory properties
  3. Zinc Oxide which provides as a UV block and anti-inflammatory properties  
  4. Iron oxides which are used as a natural colouring

Our minerals are made in small batches, ensuring quality in each final product. Forty Two Minerals’ mission is to offer safe makeup products that will not interfere with the customers’ health. Forty Two Minerals aims to celebrate who you are and to produce products that enhance your features.

Shimmer – Best quality and affordable beauty products

Shimmer – Best quality and affordable beauty products

Shimmer is an online beauty brand that was established in 2019. It is a global destination where beauty is enlightened for beauty-conscious women. They make life simple and they believe that beauty is a part of every woman.

Shimmer offers the best prices and the latest and greatest makeup and skincare products, which are uniquely sourced. They offer free unbiased advice for the customers to decide what is right for them.

Their extensive knowledge and industry expertise allows them to cherry-pick quality products from hundreds of brands. Shimmer make sure to select products that work and are worth buying.

They offer the following services and products:


  • Day Care
  • Night Care
  • Mask
  • Eye Care
  • Toner
  • Makeup Remover
  • Skin Care Sets


  • Lipstick
  • Liquid Lipstick
  • Eyelashes
  • Eyeshadow
  • Blush

Hair & Body Care

  • Wigs
  • Weaves
  • Body Wash
  • Hand & Foot Cream



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Dream SQNS Glitter – unleash your inner sparkle fantasy with

Dream SQNS Glitter – unleash your inner sparkle fantasy with

Dream SQNS Glitter is the go-to brand to fulfil all your sparkly needs and desires. Whether the glamorous occasion is a festival, a fashion runway, a bachelorette party or editorial photoshoot , Dream SQNS has you covered.

They offer a wide variety of chunky glitters, holographic and iridescent glitters, glitter pastes and biodegradable glitter for all your glitter needs.

SA’s Next Top Makeup Artist

SA’s Next Top Makeup Artist

Snothile Mzimela is a Durban based, self-taught makeup artist who has established great appreciation for the art. Since professionally starting out two years ago, her work has developed from the simple to more bold and artistic looks. Experimenting with new looks, exploring makeup practices and keeping abreast with the latest trends, is right up her alley. So, she started a business called Beauty Trends, to pursue her utmost passion.

She has become masterful with her makeup application techniques and her work displays a deep understanding of skin types, skin colours and makeup ingredients. She has a perfectionist attitude, an eye for detail, precision in application, and a well-developed appreciation of colour, shading, and blending. So much so that she was nominated this year for ‘Best Makeup Artist’ for the Durban Creative Awards and couldn’t contain her excitement about this.

“Ah! that meant a great deal to me. It was an acknowledgement of the hard work that I’ve been putting in. When I first received the news, I was overwhelmed with so many emotions and extremely excited. I was very grateful for all the support and strongly feel that the nomination has put a stamp and demonstrates that the sky is the limit. I have grown immensely, not only in my craft, but as an individual too. This is attributed to the people I associate myself with and my willingness to always want to learn and improve my skills. I have been exposed to opportunities that have drastically enhanced my growth and placed me out of my comfort zone, which has been very challenging,” says Snothile.

Keeping the techniques and applications on trend can help a makeup artist to effectively compete in this highly competitive industry, and Snothile agrees. “Yes, this is definitely a competitive industry and as I mentioned earlier, I ensure that I continuously learn and broaden my horizons so that I can have elements that set me apart from everyone else. I strive to be unique in everything that I do and constantly challenge myself,” she says.

Snothile subtly boasts about being the makeup artist to SA Idols season 15 contestant, MC and radio personality Minnie Ntuli and explains how she secured this gig. “I was invited to RadioDUT for an interview and she was one of the presenters who interviewed me. After the interview, we had a conversation about my makeup business, and she was very intrigued. Luckily, she had to rush to a shoot after the interview but didn’t have a makeup artist. So, that was my first makeup job with her, and it was an absolute success. I’ve been working with her since, as her personal makeup artist,” she says.

Minnie Ntuli

“Working with Minnie is absolutely amazing. Her energetic spirit and drive to always be great at what she does, inspires and motivates me. She is one of the people who allows me to use her face as my canvass to unleash my creativity. She loves dramatic looks, so she challenges me to always bring my A-Game,” she says.

Snothile says her inspiration stems from many things but seeing her client’s reactions after every makeup application takes the lead. “Client reactions are absolutely heart-warming to me. Creating amazing looks that make people feel good about themselves gives me joy. Seeing other makeup artists flourish also inspires me to keep going,” she says.

She says being on KwaZulu-Natal’s leading commercial radio station – East Coast Radio and in-house radio station of the Durban University of Technology (RadioDUT), and being part of the Durban July, as a makeup artist to celebrities was her biggest highlight, thus far.

Her short-term goal is to be affiliated with organisations and brands that will further accelerate her business. She says her medium- term goal is to have a training program for young upcoming beauticians. She hopes to have multiple walk-in beauty studios in and around KZN and ultimately, the whole of South Africa, as a long-term plan.

Snothile shares some tips and makeup Dos and Don’ts

What is a definite MUST when applying makeup?  

A definite MUST for me is getting the correct shade when applying your foundation.

What is a definite NO when it comes to makeup applications?

A definite NO for me is, not preparing the skin before makeup application. I always emphasise the importance of skin prepping before applying makeup to my clients, because the aim is to enhance our beauty and not to harm our skin.

It seems contouring is the current trend – what does it do for the face?

Contouring is currently trending and if executed properly it really helps achieve that slimmer look on the face. Contouring is done because it gives the illusion of a slimmer face.

What are your favourite lipstick colours and why?

My current favourite lipstick colours are bright, fun and colourful especially for this winter season. I’m loving the ultraviolet matte lipsticks from Smashbox and the matte lipsticks from Revlon.

Thick eyebrows are the current trend as well. What is your take on this?  What’s your favourite eyebrow and eyelash application technique?

When it comes to eyebrows, I always try to ensure that I keep them as natural as possible. So, if someone naturally doesn’t have thick eyebrows, then I will not draw them in such a way that they are too thick and seem unnatural. On the other hand, if your eyebrows are naturally thick, I will fill them in as naturally as possible.  For me when it comes to eyebrows, I try to keep the look as natural as possible.

My favourite eyebrow application method is outlining the natural brow not exceeding too much that it looks bigger than normal and conceal above and under the brow to neaten it (For my own application and clients as well).

A new trick that I have learnt when it comes to eyelash application is not looking directly at the mirror when applying lashes, but to bring the mirror under my face so that I can place them perfectly (this is for my own makeup application).

For clients, my favourite eyelash application method, is to place the client’s head on the headrest of the chair and have their face look up with eyes closed so that I can properly place the lashes.

International branded makeup at your doorstep

International branded makeup at your doorstep

BeauTique is an online store that was born out of the demand and need for international branded makeup products in South Africa. Some of the most popular brands they have include Huda Beauty, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Morphe Brushes, Tarte cosmetics and Fenty by Rihanna.

They select only the best brands and stock 100% original and authentic makeup products directly from authorized sellers.

BeauTique has just released the James Charles Morphe eyeshadow palette and this seems to be a customer delight. They courier nationwide straight to your doorstep.

Orders can be placed via WhatsApp on 072 490 1373 and Instagram (thebeautiquesa) and .

For any queries email