Verus Fine Jewellery

Verus Fine Jewellery

Stylishly encapsulating South Africa through wearable art, Verus Fine Jewellery brings you a collection of hand-crafted jewellery for men and women, which masterfully captures the essence of our remarkable country. Made with ethically sourced and natural stones, their commitment is a pure one; beautiful jewellery crafted with artisanal talent and integrity as a homage to Africa.

Gill Eerenstein and Candice Ilic

This fine jewellery brand was founded by Candice Ilic and Gill Eerenstein. The collections are designed to encourage you to create your own personal statement and to have the freedom to change the mood of your style from day-to-day. Every item that they create is one that they wear themselves. Verus is a beautiful, personal journey together and they are proud to share it with their customers.

“The words that I live by in life are -conscious awareness, understated, and minimalism. This is what we try to reflect in our jewellery. We keep our metals and stones as organic as possible while being ecologically aware. To this, we add a dash of edgy sensuality with our designs. Candice and I are meticulous in creating handmade pieces that are easy to wear. With the combination of our style, manufacturing skills, and design inspiration we are able to bring you timeless, contemporary, beautiful jewellery,” says Gill.

“What we choose in life defines us. It is about so much more than pretty things. Joining Gill, a kindred spirit has given me the opportunity to co-create beautiful, ethical, artisanal jewellery, My own jewellery, above anything else that I select to wear, is personal and meaningful to me and I take pride in our collections which gives our customers the same opportunity. In addition, I love working with our small, skilled team. I adore the perfect and delicate pieces we create, and I am continually excited to share the adventure with you! Our strength as a team lies in our appreciation of one another individual ideas, together with our deep and aligned principles. Verus represents our love of understated, authentic, and ethically conscious design. We like to keep things simple, but exceptional. Every item that we create is one that we wear ourselves. Verus is a beautiful, personal journey together and we are proud to share it with our customers,” says Candice.



We offer 9k and 18k gold, and where possible, we now offer 14k gold.  What’s the difference? Each contains more pure gold as the K weight increases. 9K is comprised of 37,5 percent pure gold, 14k contains 58.3 percent, and our most expensive option 18k contains 75 percent (the balance of the yellow gold value is made up of silver and for rose gold, we add a mix of silver and copper). The reason we don’t design with 24k is due to its softness, making it unsuitable to work with. We create primarily in rose and yellow gold, and on request, make up pieces in white gold. White gold is pricier than yellow and rose gold and needs to be rhodium plated to achieve a brighter appearance. 

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver in South Africa is 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent other metals and we comply with this regulation. 

Gold Plating

Verus Fine Jewellery offers rose gold plating for certain silver pieces (a popular accepted standard is 1.5micrometres thick using 10k gold).  We plate our sterling silver with 3 to 5 microns thick using 18k gold. Plating is non-permanent (it’s a thin layer of metal coating the sterling silver) and so be aware that it does wear off over time, affected by care and frequency of wear. This can be further influenced by chemicals such as chlorine, detergents, perfumes, and body lotions as well as sunscreens. Plating can also be influenced by skin acidity which shortens the lifespan of the coating. Once the gold plating wears off, the piece will return to a silver hue, but it can be re-plated. We offer one free re-plating service and further plating for a nominal fee.


A piece of blackened or oxidized silver is true sterling silver, but its surface has been intentionally darkened by introducing it to a chemical process. A layer of silver sulphide forms on the exterior of the metal giving it a blackened look. We use a chemical compound such as liver of sulphur (potassium sulphide) to create the matt gunmetal black surface on silver jewellery. Like other patinas, oxidized silver is just a surface treatment and does not change the internal colour or properties of the metal.  Therefore, only the top layer of metal particles has been given that blackened colour, and over time, depending on the amount of wear and how you care for your pieces, the oxidized finish will polish off and the true colour of the silver will shine through. This means your piece will evolve.

To care for it properly, remove your oxidized silver jewellery before aggressive contact, and also when showering or washing your hands so that you prolong the dark colour. In general, oxidized silver jewellery should not be cleaned with jewellery cleaning dips or heavily polished so that will strip off the blackened surface. If cleaning is necessary, use mild dish detergent and a soft toothbrush with as little rubbing as possible.

The oxidized finish of jewellery can be restored at any time. We offer one free treatment and thereafter we can treat it for a nominal fee.

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Inspired by women from all walks of life!

Inspired by women from all walks of life!

Kollegin is a handcrafted and non-alcoholic Gin brand that was created by four Bloemfontein mommies Elizma, Elizabeth, Annel and Erina. This idea came about after Elizma and Annel attended a women’s conference. There the dream was placed in their hearts and the idea sparked of creating a beautifully crafted Gin.

Subsequently, Erina came on board. Her wealth of experience in winemaking and farming came in handy and greatly assisted in the creation of their perfectly crafted products. Then on their journey, they came across Elizabeth, a creative, that brought the concept and heart of the brand into a reality.

Their range of products include the following:


An easy drinking infusion boasting beautiful soft flavours of juniper berries, angelica root, lemon verbena and citrus.

Original Kollegin

The Kollegin original juniper infusion leaves a trail of integrated spices and fruit that complement the characteristic dry/tangy taste of the juniper berry. This ensures a unique and refreshing drink enjoyed by all looking for that “not so sweet” beverage!

Rose Kollegin

Upon tasting the vibrant pink rose and juniper berry infusion, you will find your tastebuds soothed with a soft, lingering sensation of sweet flowers, soft Turkish delight, and slight lime flavours. These complement the characteristic dry/tangy taste of juniper berry that makes this drink so unique and refreshing!


Original Gin

The Natural Annabel | A boutique gin with smooth, sophisticated and distinct flavours.

Rooibos Gin

The Boho Sienna | A boutique gin infused with rooibos & honey

Rose Gin

The Romantic Emily | A boutique gin infused with rose petals

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Start your journey to great skin with Dr. Cebi

Start your journey to great skin with Dr. Cebi

Dr. Cebi Sibisi is a Durban-based Dermatologist who offers medical, pediatric, surgical and cosmetic dermatology services. Her goal is to provide clients with exceptional results through education and the use of safe and scientific methods. She prides herself on giving her clients personalized care and outstanding service. While she treats all skin types and conditions, her team is especially knowledgeable about the unique needs of darker skin tones. They embrace the ever-expanding diversity of our patient population and create skincare solutions for all, that is both safe and effective.


Medical Dermatology

Your skin is your largest organ and is therefore susceptible to manifesting underlying health problems. They focus on skin health for the whole family including, mild viral eruptions in children, examining suspicious moles in adults, diagnosing and managing various skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, eczema, hair loss and nail disorders.

Cosmetic Dermatology

The fast-paced digital world we live in has young people feeling far more pressure to conform to society’s ideas of beauty. At Dr Cebi Dermatology, they are highly concerned about the emotional ramifications of all the pressure. While their work is exceptionally rewarding, they also believe it is their duty to help shine a light on what is naturally beautiful about each and every person who walks through their doors. They are happy to help someone feel more youthful and vibrant through various safe cosmetic treatments but endeavour to ensure that they leave their office understanding the elements which make them uniquely beautiful, inside and out.

Skin analysis is a process which helps them understand your skin structure and uncover underlying conditions. They also use it to create a suitable skincare treatment for best results.

Paediatric Dermatology

Common skin conditions amongst children include skin infections such as ringworms, warts, impetigo, eczema and other less common conditions. In rare cases, children may have more serious skin issues which require attention and effective treatment.

Our skin can be affected by many underlying conditions but for children, the sooner they can get relief, the better. Skin conditions seen in children can be life-long or they can outgrow them but with their developing immune systems, they may attract certain infections. In some cases, certain conditions can be serious and require ongoing treatment. They always tell their patients that it’s better to have a skin issue assessed rather than self-medicating as some treatments can result in worsening of a condition.

Surgical Dermatology

Surgical Dermatology includes biopsies of suspicious skin lesions, the removal of benign growths, skin tags and simple cysts, excision of small moles and basic skin cancers, injection and excision of keloids.

Virtual Consultation

Need some expert skin advice? Don’t have the time to come in? Need advice on which products best fit your skin type? Don’t live nearby? No need to worry – they’ve got you covered! Schedule your virtual consultation now! Their secure virtual consultation is a convenient option if you live far away, have a very busy schedule, or just prefer the privacy of online consultation and would like to receive a preliminary assessment from Dr. Cebi. With the constant evolution of technology, Dr Cebi can now offer virtual consultation for your skin concerns.


Dr. Cebi has also founded a skin care online store which aims to take the guesswork out of how to choose the right products for your skin. With just a few clicks, receive a personalized skincare regimen based on your skin’s unique needs and get your products delivered directly to you.

Dr. Cebi Online has been created to allow for more convenient access to dermatologists recommended active ingredients and to provide reliable advice and recommendations. They are an authorized online retailer for all brands that they sell. They guarantee that the product you buy is authentic and of the highest quality.

Dr. Cebi Sibisi


Dr. Cebi Sibisi is a qualified dermatologist, she also holds a Masters of Medicine degree in Dermatology from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and an advanced diploma in Aesthetic Medicine. Dr. Cebi Sibisi is passionate about making expert skincare advice more accessible so that you can make safe choices about the largest organ in the human body, your skin!

Dr. Cebi is passionate about education and she continues to contribute to the public medical profession as a sessional consultant, part-time lecturer, and examiner for undergraduates and encourages aspiring doctors to dream big! The self-starter founded her practice in 2017, which specialises in clinical dermatology and aesthetic skin care treatments.

She has a keen interest in the management of acne, pigmentation, hair loss, and non-invasive skin rejuvenation. She prides herself in researching and utilizing new skincare techniques and consistently strives to provide the highest level of care to her patients.

Dr. Cebi takes your medical concerns seriously and strives to keep up with new advances in dermatology to offer the safest and most advanced medical care. Whether she sees you for skin cancer screening, an acute rash, a chronic skin condition or you have concerns about hair loss, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, weight loss, or a few wrinkles, she considers both the medical and cosmetic consequences so that she can give you the healthiest and best-looking skin, hair and body, leaving you feeling confident!

If you want to learn more about Dr. Cebi Sibisi and the services, she offers please visit and

Annwen Jordan – Fashion Model

Annwen Jordan – Fashion Model

Annwen Jordan ( 34 years old ) also known as ‘Missjaybeauty’ was born in Johannesburg but raised in Durban, KwaZulu Natal, and later moved back to Johannesburg immediately after completing her schooling.

Annwen is a professional model and entrepreneur. She started modeling after being scouted at a mall but little did she know that the industry at that time had certain “beauty standards” and that trying to make a name as a successful model would prove to be challenging, to say the least.

After leaving the modeling and fashion industry to peruse other avenues, she returned in 2017 with new determination and energy, ready to redefine the definition of beauty by depicting how unbelievably multi-faceted women are through her profession.

“I find it so interesting that this word ‘beautiful’ has been misconstrued in our industry for the longest time”. says Annwen. Ironically, her name means beautiful (derived from Welsh descent). “For way too long, we have been underrepresented both as women of colour and as working professionals. The way our beauty and experiences are depicted on television, in fashion, in films, and in the news should fully reflect the expansive spectrum & nuance of our experiences and inner beauty,” she says.

Finding herself and owning her uniqueness has caused the industry to see her as racially ambiguous which has been her greatest strength. She describes herself as powerful yet vulnerable, strong yet delicate, sexy yet demure, creative yet strategic, unconventional yet understanding. She’s had the privilege of working with a lot of professionals in the industry but states that her most amazing experience has been working with brands such as Aot Foto Photography and Vamp Me Tumi MUA.

“Tosin Awosusi has literally ignited a fire under me that I believe will take me to the next level,” she says. Annwen definitely does not fit into one box anymore. In fact, she never did! She is versatile enough to represent any brand, look or profile and she states that she certainly won’t let anyone put her back into a box. She strongly believes that women are the most amazing beings gifted to this world and that they can be anything they want to be.

“It’s remarkable to see how the industry has opened up a little more and is accepting different definitions of beauty,” she smiles! “Even though as models we face much rejection at times, we should never let that stop us from achieving our goals. We should be fearless in our pursuit and make them believe in us. I believe that the only person who can stop you is You!” she says.

As a model, two things are important to Annwen, firstly, she intentionally aligns with brands that encapsulate women in all their beauty (not the societal definition of beauty) and brands that have a story to tell.

Secondly, she endeavours to showcase women through her shoots, artistry, and even entrepreneurship. “We are perfectly imperfect and that’s what makes us beautiful and enough! I do this because I believe that we owe the generations after us the right to see themselves represented in all industries, especially in beauty, entrepreneurship, and the media,” says Annwen.

Photographer: @AOT_foto

Makeup Artist: @vamp_me_cosmetics & @vamp_me_tumy

Hair Stylist: @wendy_hair_and_makeup_artist

Designer: @eaa_luxury_african_brand

Model:  @missjaybeauty

Meet Dr Sihle Asiedu-Darkwah Founder of Prime Medical Solutions Inc

Meet Dr Sihle Asiedu-Darkwah Founder of Prime Medical Solutions Inc

Prime Medical Solutions Inc is a virtual private practice that uses technology to connect with its patients. Patients enjoy the luxury of quality healthcare in the convenience of their own home or office.

Patients have the luxury of consulting with their general practitioner via phone or video communication. They can receive their scripts, medical certificates, and referral letters via email. They have the luxury of having their acute and chronic medication delivered to their door (limited to Johannesburg).

“Our mission is to bring healthcare into the 21st century and make healthcare convenient by using technology to bridge the gap between doctors and patients. We strive to make healthcare more accessible, thereby encouraging early detection and management of medical conditions,” says Dr Sihle.

Dr Sihle Asiedu-Darkwah Photo by @mgeezy

Dr Sihle witnessed her patients’ fear of risk exposure during the COVID-19 pandemic and felt compelled to serve them virtually, a practice she is well familiar with, having worked in telemedicine for an international company. She started consulting with her patient’s telephonically and realised that South Africans were open to the idea of digital healthcare. It was then that she decided to create a virtual practice. Prime Medical Solutions Inc was founded in 2020 with the clear aim of serving her patients at their convenience.

She graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand in 2015 with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. During her time at Wits, she was an executive member of the Wits Students’ Surgical Society which dealt with increasing students’ exposure to the surgical discipline. It was through her efforts that a relationship was formed between the society and The Smile Foundation. Following which many successful fundraisers enabled the society to aid The Smile Foundation in operating children whose families could not afford the procedures.

Dr Sihle completed her 2-year internship at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, the third-largest hospital in the world. During her time there she was exposed to many specialist disciplines and received exposure in primary healthcare by working at various clinics in the area. She has worked in the private healthcare space as well, both as a general practitioner and an emergency doctor in various emergency departments around Johannesburg.

She gained telemedicine experience working with an international company which dealt with various emergencies on commercial flights and private yachts. She further worked as part of a fixed-wing team, flying across the world doing medical evacuations for patients in need.

When asked what differentiates her from other general practitioners, her response was: “Empathy.  I empathise with whatever situations my patients are in. I aim to give my patients the type of service I would like my family to receive. At the end of the day, we (doctors) go to similar universities and learn the same information. It’s that human element, that genuine care for my patients that I think distinguishes me in my field.”

For more on the services provided, visit

Royalty Soapie Awards Winners And Stunning Looks!

Royalty Soapie Awards Winners And Stunning Looks!

The fourth Royalty Soapie Awards hosted took place on Saturday evening the 26th of September 2020. Hosted by TV Host, Radio and Club DJ, Lerato Kganyago and the spectacular comedian Mpho Popps Modikoane, the event marked a moment in history as 2020 winners took centre stage in a broadcast at 20:00 on SABC 1 Mzansi Fo Sho.

Egoliwood put up a brave front and showed solidarity, as they weathered a storm through trying times as the world, is faced with a pandemic. South Africa’s favourite soapie stars brought the glitz and glam as they graced the red carpet during a studio recording and gathered to celebrate fellow thespians who were recognised for their commitment to their craft and playing a vital role in the performing arts.

The show kicked into gear with the announcement of the winners in the technical categories honouring outstanding editing, lighting, art direction and directing teams in a soapie. Ushered by the sound of award-winning songstress, Shekinah with her track ‘What a Love’.

The creative categories followed paying homage to the writing teams that pens imagination to tell stories loved by viewers alongside the beauty gurus (make-up and hair) and fashionistas (wardrobe) that sets the trends in the make-believe world of soapies.

One of the highlights of this year’s awards show was a special moment with the public vote winner and superfan, Frans Mohale who co-presented the public vote category the Most Popular Soapie of the Year alongside Lootlove.

Another first for The Royalty Soapie Awards was a beautiful ‘In Memoriam’ tribute to all the entertainment artists, pioneers and legends who have left a legacy in the industry remembered through a touching tune from Toya Delazy accompanied by a dance duo’s performance, Thabiso Lekuba and Tholakele Nkala.

“This season is the biggest show yet for The Royalty Soapie Awards as we celebrated our novelty of first experiences from giving a superfan a platform to co-present an award; introducing two new recognition awards and featuring a tribute to those who are no longer with us. We are honoured at the support that keeps on pouring in from sponsors, media partners, viewers and my fellow actors,” says Winnie Ntshaba, Founder and CEO of the RSAs.

The awards shows which is supported by the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture funding the youth and industry development made possible by the Royalty Soapie Foundation and the National Lotteries Commission, broadcasting channel SABC 1 Mzansi Fo Sho, and make-up partner BX Cosmetics heated up fuelled by excitement.

All actors waited in anticipation for the announcement of the winners in the supporting and leading role categories. Ami Faku took on the stage with her performance of ‘Into Ingawe’ song.

Leading the way with a song of hope titled ‘Pieces’ by actresses Siyasanga Papu and Sihle Ndaba who showcased their singing talents and handed the baton to guest presenters, actress Deirdre Wolhuter and diversity advocate, Thando Hopa who had the task of announcing Getroud met Rugby as the winners of the new recognition award, Social Cohesion.

The Background Actor Recognition Award went to Sphiwe Msebe from Isidingo, who was essential in creating the tone, mood and atmosphere of the Soapie. Msebe always dreamt to be an actor but did not have formal opportunities to make his dream a reality until he became a background actor on Isidingo.

“We are grateful to have played such a pivotal role for an award ceremony celebrating home grown talent. The Royalty Soapy Awards are a platform that recognises excellence both on and off screen and with that SABC1 congratulates all winners on their well-deserved achievements,” said Pumzile Zonke, Head Of Channel at SABC 1.

South African television presenter and radio personality, best known for co-hosting the SABC 1 Friday night music show Live Amp Luthando LOOTLOVE Shosha was one of tour best dressed!

As the awards drew to an end, a significant special award presented by Gauteng’s sport, arts, culture, and recreation MEC Mbali Hlophe and award-winning businesswoman and author, Amanda Dambuza went to Angus Gibson who was honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his immense contribution to the film and television industry, his dedication to storytelling, scouting new talent and paving a way for a generation of filmmakers.

The prestigious category of the evening, the Outstanding Soapie Award closed the chapter of the awards show as Binnelanders bagged the title for 2020 Royalty Soapie Awards.

See full list of the winners here:

Technical categories

Outstanding Editing Team

Outstanding Lighting
The Queen

Outstanding Art Direction
Getroud met Rugby

Outstanding Directing Team

Creative categories

Outstanding Make-Up and Hair
The River

Outstanding Wardrobe
The Queen

Outstanding Writing Team
Skeem Saam

Most Popular Soapie of the Year (Public Vote Category)

Supporting role categories

Outstanding Supporting Actor
Sthembiso Khoza as Shaka Khoza in The Queen

Outstanding Supporting Actress
Sannah Mchunu as Zodwa in Gomora

Outstanding Newcomer
Sicelo Buthelezi as Teddy in Gomora

Outstanding Couple
Sindi Dlathu and Hlomla Dandala as Lindiwe and Zweli in The River

Lead role categories

Outstanding Lead Actor
Presley Chweneyagae as Cobra in The River

Outstanding Lead Actress
Dawn Thandeka King as MaNgcobo in Uzalo

Outstanding Male Villain
Dirk Stoltz as DeWet Basson in 7de Laan

Outstanding Female Villain
Sindi Dlathu as Lindiwe in The River

Outstanding Soapie

Recognition and special awards

Social Cohesion
Getroud met Rugby

Background Actor
Sphiwe Msebe

Lifetime Achievement Award
Angus Gibson

Source: M-Net Corporate

LOOTLOVE Image by Austin Malema – Make-Up: Loyiso Lihle Mange – Dress By Miss Boss Couture – Styled By Siyamthanda Ndube – Editing By Banele OI Julio