HeiliGrace Couture – Gracefully You!

HeiliGrace Couture – Gracefully You!

HeiliGrace Couture was established in 2019 by Heilize Agenbag, a small-town girl from Klerksdorp in the North West, trying to make it big! They design bridal and Bridesmaids dresses, special occasions, and Matric Farewell dresses.

They recently celebrated their 2nd birthday on Valentine’s Day with a total new look and feel for their brand on all social media platforms.

Lisa-Marie Le Roux joined the HeiliGrace Couture team as the new co-designer, and she started with a bang by designing the breath-taking Valentines Gown for 2021.

“Our inspiration came from the little girl living inside all of us wanting to feel like a princess combined with the idea of love.  Love is not based on someone loving you. It is based on self-love, self-worth, and confidence in knowing who you are, or as former Miss Universe Demi- Leigh Tebow says – “Having the confidence in who God says you are.”  

Our mission is to be the ultimate house of couture where we can create a luxurious experience for our clients. Showcasing our premium quality evening gowns and ready-to-wear pieces, by dressing our HeiliLadies with exclusivity and capture the feeling of uniqueness. We practice exclusively in Bride and Bridesmaids Gowns, Mother of the Bride/Groom, Special Occasions and Evening Gowns.

Living in these uncertain times we thought of designing a ready to wear couture line, that will be known as HOH. Their collection includes fashionable yet timeless Must-Have pieces, such as a fitted blazer, your basic white t-shirt with a twist, and that sexy little black number for a date night.

HeiliGrace Couture has exciting news for brides-to-be!

Soon, the brides will have the option to order their bridesmaids and groomsmen proposal boxes from HeiliGrace Couture making it quite easy for the bride/maid of honour. So, in essence, they want to create a one stop shopping experience for their clients.

Their website: www.heiligracecouture.co.za  is currently offline and under maintenance in preparation to unveil the new offering. So, watch this space!

Facebook: @heiligracecouture

Instagram: heiligrace_couture

Brand ambassador: Charlize Kasselman

Photographer: Melanie Els

Look No Sheep ‘Wedding dress and bridesmaid concept’

Look No Sheep ‘Wedding dress and bridesmaid concept’

In a year filled with such turmoil, changed plans, postponed and virtual weddings, it could feel odd to be focusing on fashion for the day. Choosing a wedding outfit is such a milestone in the wedding planning process, that even the couples who choose to scale down their celebrations find it to be difficult. Whether you are planning an ocean-side micro-wedding or an at-home elopement, Look No Sheep has launched a simple yet elegant range of dresses for brides and bridesmaids to choose from.

“As we deal with the unknown and work around our restrictions the micro wedding has become more and more necessary and popular.  We adapted our concepts to create the perfect solution with the beautiful Sandy Dress redesigned as the most perfect simple wedding dress, with a slightly deeper train and delicate seed pearls bringing just enough glamour to this very elegant dress and the SJ Maxi being twined with the SJ Maxi lite (for those of us who like to bare a little less) as stunning flowing bridesmaids dresses,” says Janetta van Heerden – Founder of Look No Sheep. 

Janetta van Heerden


“You know that one friend who always looks sensational in whatever she wears?  I have two of those back in the United Kingdom (UK).  They always have an eye on the new trends and the ability to pull them off effortlessly.  One such friend, Sarah-Jayne arrived for a visit and glided from the beach to the bar and to dinner in a spectacular dress that flowed and flaunted whilst still holding the mystic and magic of femininity.  I was mesmerized!

With a background in theatre and fashion, I have always loved colours and fabrics and pulling them together to create a dramatic effect. In 2019, I was busy directing this passion into an interior design concept and focusing my attention on helping people create their Airbnb spaces and then wham-bam,  2020 and COVID-19 hit us.  Lockdown, curfews, travel restrictions and nobody going anywhere. Nobody spending money on interior design or weekends away, nobody investing in upgrading their spare rooms and cottages for Airbnb.  This was not good news for my start-up business, Look no Sheep! 

Frustrated and annoyed I began to reflect on my friend and that lovely dress.  Browsing around online (as we all did in that first lockdown) I could find nothing that embodied that mystical magic so I took to my pen and pad and tried to recreate the feeling and flow, adapting and changing as I went along until I had something I could take along to my trusty seamstress, Susan.

Susan has 40 years of experience in the fashion industry as a pattern maker/grader and has a deep understanding of how fabric and shapes work with the body.  She got my drift immediately and the first ‘SJ Maxi Dress’ named after my friend Sarah-Jayne was made.  In a deep dramatic yoke yellow, I wore the dress to the first function I attended after lockdown, at a friend’s birthday party, and by the end of the day, I had orders for four more. That’s how Look No Sheep was reinvented!   

Our dresses are stylish and sophisticated with a touch of daring yet accessible to all.  Each dress is handmade and bespoke or made to order.  I source all the fabric myself and I’m keen to keep the dresses ‘Proudly South African’

The second design, the ‘Sandy Dress’ named after the second friend also turns heads with its cheeky  little train.  If you believe you should dress every day as if it’s the best day of your life, then this is the maxi dress for you.  I wore this dress in a deep forest green to a beautiful Christmas pop-up market and was stopped over and over again proving that you don’t have to keep a special dress for a special occasion, you can ‘Be Lovely’ every day,” she elaborates.

All Look No Sheep dresses can be ordered directly from their website https://www.looknosheep.com/ and you can keep up to date with their developments by logging onto their Instagram page www.instagram.com/looknosheep.sa

Celebrate Your Body… Whatever Shape or Size… With Mealies Luxury!

Celebrate Your Body… Whatever Shape or Size… With Mealies Luxury!

Mealies Luxury is a luxurious relatable brand offering, luxury, and style. Founded by Thembakazi Mealies an ambitious 23-year-old young lady from Cape Town, who believes luxury comes at quality and not price.

This sophisticated brand specialises in silk garments and provides you the autonomy to choose how you want to show your body with their various designs that cater for all body types.  They also offer design customization for those who want a special touch to their look.

Thembakazi Mealies

“All our designs offer versatility within styling and a long-lasting relationship with your body and garment of choice. We offer sleepwear, loungewear, dresses, and a limited-edition lingerie line. During this month of love, we believe that love for others and self should always be shown on a daily basis, but this month makes it extra special to cater and celebrate ourselves and others. In this regard, we have created a special limited edition called the “Mystery” Lingerie Collection which is suitable for all shapes, sizes, skin tones, and all personalities. This body positivity range speaks to a magnetic goddess, endearing queen, and an angelic soul that is comfortable in exploring their skin without boundaries or body shaming constraints. We want you to look at yourself with love and confidence that no one can manipulate and take away from you. Body shaming is an issue we face each and every day as individuals and we are the only ones that can eliminate it one step at a time through the power of self-love and embracing uniqueness which is exactly what our brand stands for,” says Thembakazi. 

To Purchase these stunning Mealies Luxury pieces, make your way to their store located at 27 boxes in Melville, Johhanesburg. You can also visit @Mealiesluxury on Twitter and Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mealiesluxury/

Look out for their website, coming soon!

Look of Lynx

Look of Lynx

Lynx is a brand that designs and manufactures stylish ready-to-wear clothes for women. Lynx is all about exclusivity, everything is made to order, therefore they can cater for your individual taste and body shape.

The brand’s quality designs are made to last for more than one season. They do fashion with personality! So, if you’re looking for elegant everyday clothing with an individual touch, Lynx is your go-to place!

Follow their Instagram page to receive a 15% discount and use code LYNX00


Desigual –  Global Spanish fashion brand now available in SA!

Desigual – Global Spanish fashion brand now available in SA!

Desi SA is the official distributor in Southern Africa of unique global fashion brand Desigual. This iconic brand is based in Sandton City, Johannesburg. Carrying a range of distinctive, exquisitely detailed women’s fashion, accessories, swimwear and shoes,

Desigual (pronounced “De-zi-gwal”) has its heart in Spain and a global fashion footprint that has reached South Africa. Born in Barcelona in 1984, the brand has never strayed from its creator Thomas Meyer’s ethos: ‘Dress people, not bodies.”

Desigual brings positivity and authenticity through their designs to people who want to express the best version of themselves. Desigual is for people who want to be the artist in their own lives, and who celebrate their individuality.

The clothing that Desigual makes is created out of love; love for creativity but also for quality and sustainability. All items meet the highest standards of product excellence, and Desigual are dedicated to increasing the percentage of environmentally friendly fibres.  

Marian Gaylard

“In this day and age, why does it matter that we’re asking you to be yourself? In a world of cookie-cutter Instagram filters with about 300 million almost-identical posts, we understand the importance of being different. Of being curious, free, unconventional, fun, colourful, positive, aware, and also responsible. Our new collection is an ode to who we are. To the patchwork that makes us unique. To the word ‘casual’ that makes us fun and to the colour that defines us. But mainly, to the future: who will you be tomorrow, if you’re not you today? We’re also making progress: We are working to ensure that 20% of the entire la difference collection is sustainable, we have increased our range of sizes in our woven items and we are focusing on comfortable and urban garments that let us be free. More free than ever before,” says Marian Gaylard – Founder of Desi SA.

Autumn/ Winter 2021 Collection

We love the world

‘Love the world’  is their mission.  They’re using increasing amounts of environmentally friendly materials. The authenticity of all their sustainable fibres is guaranteed with the appropriate certifications.

32% natural fibres (including cotton, organic cotton and recycled wool).

19% artificial fibres (including viscose, Lenzing™ EcoVero, Tencel™ Lyocell and cupro).

49% synthetic fi es (including polyester and recycled polyester).

Broken down by category, they aim to incorporate the following percentages of sustainable fibres: 24% in women, 31% in men, 13% in kids, 52% in sport, 7% in accessories and 54% in Shoes.

Other trendy clothes and accessories you can find at Desi SA

Visit website: https://www.desi-sa.co.za and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/desisafrica/

These Super Chic Extra Large Tote Bags & Slippers Are A Must Have!

These Super Chic Extra Large Tote Bags & Slippers Are A Must Have!

Juditha Sakinofsky is a Cape Town-based brand that makes West African Cotton Print tote bags and slippers for women. The tote bags are proudly handmade in Cape Town and slippers are made in Istanbul and exclusively available at the Juditha Sakinofsky studio. They are produced using good quality fabric and have Camo water-resistant lining at super affordable prices available for delivery only in Cape Town.

Juditha Sakinofsky believes in a zero-waste approach to the brand! The totes are a great start towards an up-cycle chain which will lead to a variety of sustainable projects.

Juditha Sakinofsky


The brand is named after the Founder, Juditha Sakinofsky who draws on more than 30 years in media, design and retail together with broad experience in styling and extensive travels. Juditha has honed a keen Bohemian eye. Rich textiles, beautiful raw materials and unexpected traditional details are at the core of her aesthetic. 

Juditha started her career at Fair Lady magazine and then Cosmopolitan

in Cape Town before moving to Toronto where she continued as a stylist on magazines and television. Seeing a demand in the market for branding and packaging, she subsequently launched Spotted Zebra, which started as a corporate gift service. For 18 years everyone from film production companies to law firms counted on her for their gift-giving, which later expanded into a downtown neighbourhood hub and well-known concept store.

Embracing the need for change, in 2011 she packed up and moved to New York to launch Found Object with her brother Salvo. Under this label she worked with collections of distinctive and artisanal pieces, all handpicked from vintage, tribal and market-found textiles that originated in Central Asia, Turkey as well as North and West Africa, and coveted by tastemakers around the world.

Most recently, Juditha has circled back home to Cape Town to continue her lifestyle collection of home furnishings that include handwoven Ikat, vintage Suzani and a newly introduced scarf range with iconic South African images that speak personally to her.

Visit their website: www.juditha.co.za

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/judithasakinofsky/