Denim speaks for itself… and so do my products – Zoe Adams

Denim speaks for itself… and so do my products – Zoe Adams

Denim was created to provide a versatile, durable yet stylish alternative to everyday garments and products, targeting the majority of the market. Denim is more than just cotton fabric, it inspires opinion within the hearts of historians, designers, teenagers, movie stars, writers, and reporters. The timeless fabric that never goes out of fashion and everyday wear fabric from workwear to a casual day in the inner city.  Denim, styled like luxury cotton or even selvage denim can provide an endless list of products, especially in this era of a wide variety of textures.

With all of the above said and done, denim is still underutilised.  Through the centuries, denim has been proven to be appropriate and stylish for any occasion. Our solution as Denim by Zoe is to create a denim fashion and accessory brand that is stylish, elegant, and more versatile than it has ever been.

Denim is an everyday wear fabric and we are about the everyday urban lifestyle, we want to be the denim brand in the country that pushes the denim urban style which we really love. We provide quality fashion garments at affordable prices, with the correct styling, as we always have our finger on the pulse of the latest trends. 


Zoe Adams

Zoe Adams is the owner of Denim by Zoe, a denim clothing and accessories brand that was launched in January 2020.

“I don’t have any design or fashion qualifications, but what I do have, is a great love for denim and believe that its durability and versatility is the key to its everlasting presence. When you make a quality product with quality fabric, it is an investment piece that can be passed down from generation to generation, without it going out of style.  All items are locally made in Cape Town and can be couriered nationwide.  I only make 50 of each item (excluding the masks), so you are guaranteed to be wearing a limited edition across the country. I’m looking forward to the year ahead focusing on getting my label out there, growing my client base, and making sure to continue providing high-end quality investment pieces at reasonable prices.  My focus is on the products and the clients who buy them.

To purchase any of the items, email Instagram and Facebook

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A look at Rich Mnisi’s Hiya Kaya ’21collection

A look at Rich Mnisi’s Hiya Kaya ’21collection

Rich Mnisi has revealed his latest collection, Hiya Kaya ’21, a colourful celebration of the vaTsonga culture. The internationally acclaimed luxury high-fashion designer’s new collection comprises a traditional Tsonga xibelani skirt with a hefty price tag which got many people talking!

The most talked-about item from the collection, the xibelani skirt which retails at R59.00.00 is crafted from 5km of 100% Merino wool knotted onto nickel-plated d-rings attached to a leather waist belt.

The collection received mixed reviews where the price is concerned, as usual. People feel that his clothes are too expensive and not affordable to all his supporters, but celebrities like Somizi Mhlongo feel differently.

Here are the looks from the collection

MAXHOSA AFRICA brightens up NYFW virtual stage!

MAXHOSA AFRICA brightens up NYFW virtual stage!

On Wednesday the 16th of September 2020, global luxury brand MaXhosa AFRICA, created by Laduma Ngxokolo, presented their Spring/Summer 2021 Collection called “INGUMANGALISO IMISEBENZI KA THIXO” or “God’s Work is Miraculous”, during New York Fashion Week.

Laduma 2021 collection is one of Africa’s finest, and most intriguing designers he didn’t disappoint on the virtual stage! He presented what we would call his best work, thus far. MaXhosa’s aim is to become Africa’s leading luxury lifestyle brand presented a collection of eclectic prints and patterns that utilise African traditions to swift through its pieces. The collection is titled after a song composed and titled by Laduma’s late paternal grandfather, Mike Ngxokolo, who was a renowned jazz artist, choral music composer, visual artist, actor, and radio presenter. 

MaXhosa Africa is a South African knitwear brand founded in 2012. This was with the desire to explore knitwear design solutions that would be suitable for amakrwala (Xhosa initiates). His initial vision was to create a modern Xhosa-inspired knitwear collection that would be suitable for this market. As a person who has undergone the process, Laduma felt that he had to develop premium knitwear that celebrates traditional Xhosa aesthetics.

Laduma encourages people to be at their happiest during this time. “During the lockdown, in the midst of sadness, I thought it was very important to give people hope with my craft. I wanted to showcase happiness so that people would feel very excited about next summer,” says Laduma.

Expressing that happiness is the luxury and hopeful that this collection will encourage everyone to be mindful of our blessings despite the odds that we have faced in 2020. “God’s work is so wonderful that we don’t even acknowledge how powerful it is,” he says.

When Laduma Ngxokolo’s mother Lindelwa taught him to knit, she sparked a love of fashion that inspired him to become a designer. Today her son’s collections are showcased on the catwalks of Europe’s fashion capitals.

Laduma Ngxokolo


How it all started

As a person who has undergone the ritual, he felt that he needed to develop a premium knitwear range that celebrates traditional Xhosa beadwork aesthetics, using South African mohair and wool. Since then, Laduma has received numerous achievements and captures the hearts of many fashion lovers and media from South Africa, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Oslo, Berlin, and New York.

When he was in Grade 8, Lindelwa sat Ngxokolo down and taught him how to use the family knitting machine. Knitting became his hobby and changed his life. He went on to study textile design and technology at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) in Port Elizabeth.

“I was influenced greatly by my mother as I grew up doing craftwork and beadwork with her,” he told digital publishing company Between 10 and 5 in an interview. “I believe that that was the beginning of my design experience.”

The research

His 2010 thesis project revolved around innovation. Inspired by traditional Xhosa patterns he designed a range for initiates to wear. This project was the first stitch in his knitwear company – MaXhosa by Laduma – and also his winning submission to an international design competition sponsored by the Society of Dyers and Colourists.

“This gave me the opportunity to speak about my project at Design Indaba 2011, which led to a lot of positive press coverage. It ultimately helped me establish my knitting brand in February 2011.”

His own Xhosa initiation, in 2011, confirmed to Laduma that there is a market for his brand. “I felt that the outfits for the initiation ritual were too westernised. Xhosa initiation is a traditional ritual and even though we are all living in a modern time, I felt that there should still be an element that resembles the Xhosa culture.”

Laduma’s creations are inspired by his Xhosa background and the local mohair industry. Visits to the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum helped him discover the richness and creativity of Xhosa cultural beadwork. Incorporating those designs into his own work has helped him celebrate and preserve his own cultural identity.

“I also decided to use mohair from my hometown and discovered that Port Elizabeth has the biggest mohair industry in the world, and has the biggest wool industry in Africa. So, I decided to take advantage of the local material, which is usually exported.”

Many accolades

Laduma was fortunate in his choice of university. He arrived in the year the institution set up an Art and Design Incubator. NMMU provided him with seed capital to start MaXhosa, but his ongoing success is also a result of his talent and hard work.

His sister Tina, also a designer, has become one of Laduma’s collaborators at MaXhosa. According to the MaXhosa blog, he has also worked with several Norwegian entrepreneurs, and given the chance to showcase their joint creations in Norway.

In 2014 he won a WeTransfer-sponsored two-year scholarship to study for a Masters in Material Futures at London’s prestigious Central St Martins of the University of the Arts.

That same year he received a standing ovation for his Buyel’mbo women’s range at Johannesburg Fashion Week. He described this local appreciation as overwhelming, even more than being identified as 2015’s Vogue Italia Scouting for Africa prize winner.

According to the international news broadcasting agency BBC, most of his sales are from Merchants on Long in Cape Town.

MaXhosa recently launched a store in Cape Town.

AMOS – Specializing in Pret-A-Porter, Couture and Bridal

AMOS – Specializing in Pret-A-Porter, Couture and Bridal

Amos is a high-end designer label established in Cape Town, South Africa. They specialize in uniquely crafted Prêt-a-Porter garments, bespoke couture as well as bridal garments. Amos embodies superior craftsmanship and fashion-forward designs – always pushing boundaries.

Amos is a fast-growing fashion brand with a unique sense of design and a passion for beauty and elegance. All garments are exclusively styled. Evening and bridal wear are made to order only. Haute Couture is a special form of art and design and needs to be approached with great care and dedication, therefore, Amos ensures that the client’s couture gown becomes a precious item for their special day or their wardrobe.

Hugo Amos

Hugo Amos is the designer and creative force behind the Amos brand. His passion is making women feel glamorous and elegant from the boardroom to the ballroom. Great care and effort go into each and every one of his creations, from sourcing the perfect fabric, all the way to the crafting, packaging, and delivery of the special item.

Amos longs to empower their clients with a sense of grace and sophistication. They produce seasonal collections, drawing inspiration from various sources, always anticipating their clients’ style.

Their main focus each season is to enhance the individual beauty and style of all types of women yet giving them the freedom to make an Amos piece their own.

Photographer: Starqphotography

It was a Fashion Extravaganza as usual at VDJ 2020

It was a Fashion Extravaganza as usual at VDJ 2020

In spite of the lockdown regulations which restrict public events and activities, the virtual Vodacom Durban July was a great success with fashion at the forefront as usual.  Under the theme ‘Butterflies’, the designers showcased their best creations with the bedazzled face masks to match the theme.

The event took place at Hollywoodbets Greyville Racecourse on Saturday the 25th of July 2020 as a broadcast-only event behind closed doors. Keeping the fashion alive and showcasing at the event were designers such as Nguni Shades and Quiteria Atelier, to name a few. This year’s partnership with the Durban Fashion Fair saw the fashion element of the event taken care of by showcasing designers from the province.

Here are some of the looks:

Get ready to experience Durban July 2020 in your virtual space!

Get ready to experience Durban July 2020 in your virtual space!

According to organisers, this year’s Durban July will be virtual. The event will take place at Hollywoodbets Greyville Racecourse on Saturday the 25th of July 2020 as a broadcast-only event behind closed door.

Keeping the fashion alive and showcasing at the event will be designers such as Nguni Shades and Quiteria Atelier. Here’s a preview of what they will be showing.

The event’s fashion coordinator, Tiffany Prior says that fashion will still be a focal point of the Durban July, but the format will change to comply with the ‘behind closed doors’ requirements of the event. “The Butterflies theme is amazing as it touches on metamorphosis and change which is top of mind at the moment,” she says.