Celebrate Every Moment With Honey & Ginger Floral Designs!

Celebrate Every Moment With Honey & Ginger Floral Designs!

Honey & Ginger Floral Designs is an online full-service floral design house, owned by a black female entrepreneur, Kholofelo Ramodipa.

Kholofelo has a B.com Information Systems Degree, B.com (Honours) Informatics Degree, and a Certificate in Wedding planning and Floral Arrangement. She is a qualified Business Intelligence Analyst but her true passion lies in the art, specifically floristry. She is mostly inspired by nature, love, and life.  With over five years of experience in the florist retailing and wedding and events planning industry, she plans to revolutionise the floral industry and make marks on many markets that traditionally have not had an interest in flowers, like the gift, greeting card, photography, food, and beverage market.

Kholofelo Ramodipa

The Look

“We take pride in creating unique floral giftings, installations for luxury events, weddings, and home décor. Our aesthetic is unique, artful, and colour-filled, yet elegant. We pay close attention to details and nuance. Whether you are looking for a more creative “Thank you” or a simple, sweet “I love you” Honey & Ginger Floral Designs delivers boxed floral arrangements that leave an everlasting impression!” says Kholofelo.


“Our goal is to immerse clients into our world of flowers and design. Each flower package is highly customised, so we take on a limited number of orders every week. The most important thing for us is to ensure that our clients feel completely happy that we have ‘got’ what they want, that we understand the full picture they have in their heads,” she says.

Product / Services

  • floral bouquets and boxes
  • gift hampers with flowers
  • corporate flowers and gifts
  • wedding flower arrangements
  • event flowers & décor
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly floral arrangement subscriptions
  • delivery in Johannesburg and Pretoria
  • Flower Workshops/Classes for floral hobbyists once a month.

For more information, visit https://www.instagram.com/honey_ginger_floristy/

E-mail – honeygingerfloristy@gmail.com or kholofeloramodipa@gmail.com

Call: 0796237921

WhatsApp: 0796237921

8 Healthy Eating Tips For The Festive Season!

8 Healthy Eating Tips For The Festive Season!

The festive season may look a little bit different this year, it may involve fewer people at family gatherings. It may even involve events with individuals wearing masks and dedicated people for serving foods. This is still such an important time to spend with family and friends especially given what this year has turned out to be.

These events include festive weddings, family celebrations, end year work functions, and end on Christmas Day. Naturally, this translates to a whole lot of amazing and tasty food, snacks, and sweet treats. During this season it is very common for one to gain a few kilograms of holiday weight.

All hope is not lost though, you do not need to start the new year with a weight loss resolution. You can still keep your health, fitness, and weight on track during this festive period without punishing yourself or avoiding the festivities. Try a few of these strategies with festive events and enjoy the time with family and friends!

  1. Do not skip meals

Skipping a meal to compensate for an event or festive dinner is not ideal. One is more likely to make poor food choices when starving. Rather eat regular small meals as well as the food at the event to keep your blood sugar stable and avoid binging at the event.

2. Eat before your event

Before leaving for a party or event opt for a small, healthy snack. This can be a fruit such as an apple with a spoonful of peanut butter or even a small salad. This strategy will ensure you do not arrive at the party hungry where you will be more likely to overeat and fall for temptations.

3. Survey the buffet or Look at the menu and plan what you are going to eat

Firstly, look over all the food options before piling up your plate or ordering the first (perhaps unhealthiest) thing you see. This strategy will ensure you do not eat everything that is on offer at a buffet. Rather take foods that you enjoy most over small bites of everything to avoid overeating.

4. Have an alcohol strategy in mind

Alcohol is fattening but as soon as the festive season arrives, we tend to overindulge. Strategies that can be used here is to not mix drinks but rather stay with one drink throughout. During the event, it is also useful to alternate each alcoholic beverage with a glass of water.

5. Pick light foods

When choosing foods to eat try and avoid deep-fried or fried foods which can provide a lot of calories and fats. Rather aim for grilled, steamed, or sauteed meat and fish. When looking at salads try and get an option that is not overdressed with dressing

6. Aim for fruity desserts

Fruit-based desserts are lighter on the stomach and a better choice than baked or creamy desserts. In general, it is a good strategy to stay away from rich sugary foods as they increase the sugar content in our bodies and make us crave more sugar.

7. Aim to increase your fruit and vegetable intake

All meals should be comprised of at least half a plate of vegetables. When making food choices ensure to place emphasis on your fruit and vegetable servings.

8. Eat a good breakfast, especially on Christmas Day

Very often we skip breakfast on Christmas Day or other important days because we don’t want to spoil our appetite for the big meal or event. Breakfast is very important as it provides the body with much-needed energy and fills the stomach so we are less inclined to snack on unhealthy foods later on.

DK Dietitian is a dietetic private practice founded by Dominique Kruger, that helps individuals reach their best, healthiest selves possible. This is through private nutritional consultations, group education sessions, meal plans, and nutrition education.

List of Services:

Weight Management

Lifestyle Diseases

Sports Nutrition

Meal Planning

Healthy Lifestyle Planning

Group nutrition discussions

Food Service Consulting

Dominique Kruger

Contact DK Dietitian:

Email: dkdietitian@gmail.com

Tel: 067 815 9805

Visit the Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/dk_dietitian/   

A delicious full-bodied wine with rich honey and fruity tones

A delicious full-bodied wine with rich honey and fruity tones

Skyline – is a full-bodied semi-sweet wine with aromas of dried apricot, peaches, honey, and floral notes. Full and rich, bursting with flavours of dried fruit and rounded off with good acidity to keep it fresh.

STYLE: Semi Sweet

CULTIVAR: 100% Chenin Blanc

ANALYSIS: Alc: 11.2 | TA: 6.18 | pH: 3.5 | RS: 60

VINIFICATION: Late harvested and cold fermentation stopped at 60g/l sugar. Minimal intervention in the natural process of vinification allows each cultivar to express their individual characteristics.

• Late harvest style, higher alcohol

• Elegant & sophisticated

• Consistent & trustworthy quality

• Multi-occasion consumption

• Convenient 750ml and 3L packs

• Affordable price

• Higher in alcohol

Order online: https://www.vanloveren.co.za/online-store/%21/~/search/keyword%3DSkyline

Visit www.skylinewine.co.za


Inspired by women from all walks of life!

Inspired by women from all walks of life!

Kollegin is a handcrafted and non-alcoholic Gin brand that was created by four Bloemfontein mommies Elizma, Elizabeth, Annel and Erina. This idea came about after Elizma and Annel attended a women’s conference. There the dream was placed in their hearts and the idea sparked of creating a beautifully crafted Gin.

Subsequently, Erina came on board. Her wealth of experience in winemaking and farming came in handy and greatly assisted in the creation of their perfectly crafted products. Then on their journey, they came across Elizabeth, a creative, that brought the concept and heart of the brand into a reality.

Their range of products include the following:


An easy drinking infusion boasting beautiful soft flavours of juniper berries, angelica root, lemon verbena and citrus.

Original Kollegin

The Kollegin original juniper infusion leaves a trail of integrated spices and fruit that complement the characteristic dry/tangy taste of the juniper berry. This ensures a unique and refreshing drink enjoyed by all looking for that “not so sweet” beverage!

Rose Kollegin

Upon tasting the vibrant pink rose and juniper berry infusion, you will find your tastebuds soothed with a soft, lingering sensation of sweet flowers, soft Turkish delight, and slight lime flavours. These complement the characteristic dry/tangy taste of juniper berry that makes this drink so unique and refreshing!


Original Gin

The Natural Annabel | A boutique gin with smooth, sophisticated and distinct flavours.

Rooibos Gin

The Boho Sienna | A boutique gin infused with rooibos & honey

Rose Gin

The Romantic Emily | A boutique gin infused with rose petals

Visit Kollegin online store https://www.kollegin.co.za/  and Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/kolle_gin/

Start your journey to great skin with Dr. Cebi

Start your journey to great skin with Dr. Cebi

Dr. Cebi Sibisi is a Durban-based Dermatologist who offers medical, pediatric, surgical and cosmetic dermatology services. Her goal is to provide clients with exceptional results through education and the use of safe and scientific methods. She prides herself on giving her clients personalized care and outstanding service. While she treats all skin types and conditions, her team is especially knowledgeable about the unique needs of darker skin tones. They embrace the ever-expanding diversity of our patient population and create skincare solutions for all, that is both safe and effective.


Medical Dermatology

Your skin is your largest organ and is therefore susceptible to manifesting underlying health problems. They focus on skin health for the whole family including, mild viral eruptions in children, examining suspicious moles in adults, diagnosing and managing various skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, eczema, hair loss and nail disorders.

Cosmetic Dermatology

The fast-paced digital world we live in has young people feeling far more pressure to conform to society’s ideas of beauty. At Dr Cebi Dermatology, they are highly concerned about the emotional ramifications of all the pressure. While their work is exceptionally rewarding, they also believe it is their duty to help shine a light on what is naturally beautiful about each and every person who walks through their doors. They are happy to help someone feel more youthful and vibrant through various safe cosmetic treatments but endeavour to ensure that they leave their office understanding the elements which make them uniquely beautiful, inside and out.

Skin analysis is a process which helps them understand your skin structure and uncover underlying conditions. They also use it to create a suitable skincare treatment for best results.

Paediatric Dermatology

Common skin conditions amongst children include skin infections such as ringworms, warts, impetigo, eczema and other less common conditions. In rare cases, children may have more serious skin issues which require attention and effective treatment.

Our skin can be affected by many underlying conditions but for children, the sooner they can get relief, the better. Skin conditions seen in children can be life-long or they can outgrow them but with their developing immune systems, they may attract certain infections. In some cases, certain conditions can be serious and require ongoing treatment. They always tell their patients that it’s better to have a skin issue assessed rather than self-medicating as some treatments can result in worsening of a condition.

Surgical Dermatology

Surgical Dermatology includes biopsies of suspicious skin lesions, the removal of benign growths, skin tags and simple cysts, excision of small moles and basic skin cancers, injection and excision of keloids.

Virtual Consultation

Need some expert skin advice? Don’t have the time to come in? Need advice on which products best fit your skin type? Don’t live nearby? No need to worry – they’ve got you covered! Schedule your virtual consultation now! Their secure virtual consultation is a convenient option if you live far away, have a very busy schedule, or just prefer the privacy of online consultation and would like to receive a preliminary assessment from Dr. Cebi. With the constant evolution of technology, Dr Cebi can now offer virtual consultation for your skin concerns.


Dr. Cebi has also founded a skin care online store which aims to take the guesswork out of how to choose the right products for your skin. With just a few clicks, receive a personalized skincare regimen based on your skin’s unique needs and get your products delivered directly to you.

Dr. Cebi Online has been created to allow for more convenient access to dermatologists recommended active ingredients and to provide reliable advice and recommendations. They are an authorized online retailer for all brands that they sell. They guarantee that the product you buy is authentic and of the highest quality.

Dr. Cebi Sibisi


Dr. Cebi Sibisi is a qualified dermatologist, she also holds a Masters of Medicine degree in Dermatology from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and an advanced diploma in Aesthetic Medicine. Dr. Cebi Sibisi is passionate about making expert skincare advice more accessible so that you can make safe choices about the largest organ in the human body, your skin!

Dr. Cebi is passionate about education and she continues to contribute to the public medical profession as a sessional consultant, part-time lecturer, and examiner for undergraduates and encourages aspiring doctors to dream big! The self-starter founded her practice in 2017, which specialises in clinical dermatology and aesthetic skin care treatments.

She has a keen interest in the management of acne, pigmentation, hair loss, and non-invasive skin rejuvenation. She prides herself in researching and utilizing new skincare techniques and consistently strives to provide the highest level of care to her patients.

Dr. Cebi takes your medical concerns seriously and strives to keep up with new advances in dermatology to offer the safest and most advanced medical care. Whether she sees you for skin cancer screening, an acute rash, a chronic skin condition or you have concerns about hair loss, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, weight loss, or a few wrinkles, she considers both the medical and cosmetic consequences so that she can give you the healthiest and best-looking skin, hair and body, leaving you feeling confident!

If you want to learn more about Dr. Cebi Sibisi and the services, she offers please visit https://drcebidermatology.co.za/ and https://www.instagram.com/drcebi_skindoc/

Classic Gourmet Desserts/ Treats & Eats Reinvented!

Classic Gourmet Desserts/ Treats & Eats Reinvented!

Afters Treats and Eats has been a dream of Lauren Hazell’s since she was a little girl. She has a passion for sweets, treats, and all things delicious. They are your place to get gourmet desserts, cakes, treats, and eats. Lauren likes to play with classic flavours and reinvent them into new and exciting treats. So, whatever your favourite is, she has something to tempt you, whether you are a chocolate lover or prefer a zesty citrus zing.

Lauren Hazell

Afters Treats and Eats wants to evoke your food memories, perhaps your childhood favourites as an amazingly decadent dessert. Lauren prides herself on using high-quality ingredients, which will create your new memories. As a trained pastry chef, she loves to play with flavours that really complement each other. Even if you haven’t tried it before, perhaps a little chocolate and cherry or a lemon dessert with a raspberry twist, what about beetroot and blackberry? She uses her chef skills to pipe, swirl, and finesses her creations.

You may wonder where the name for the business came from. Growing up as a South African, with British parents, there were always small differences and whenever they came to the end of a meal, the question would be, “What’s for Afters?” This question leads to the possibility of the delectable taste of something sweet and delicious to make the ultimate finale to a fantastic meal with family and friends. Therefore, the essence of ‘Afters Treats and Eats’ is nostalgia and family, so why not have it in the name. A name filled with memories, new meaning, and something to look forward to at any time.

You can find their delicious treats at a variety of markets in Johannesburg or go to the website for all your sweet delights. From a naughty cheat day treat to a party with a fresh fun cake or a high tea celebration.

Get in touch with Afters Treats and Eats, they can’t wait to start creating your next delight!