Buy Trendy Yet Exclusive Women’s Clothing and Accessories

Buy Trendy Yet Exclusive Women’s Clothing and Accessories

Exclusive clothing is about more than just buying a good or well-known brand. It comes down to the item itself.  If you are looking for exclusive women’s clothing, then look no further than Exclusively Devine. The clothing brand offers a wide variety of options to choose from. 

Exclusively Devine sources the finest fashion from China and the UK. They handpick only the finest quality and versatile styles, that can be dressed up or down, depending on what the occasion demands.

Their range of exclusive clothing offers more than just the latest fashions, they stock a range of much-loved clothing items that exude style and modern appeal. They source unique items and not more than five items of each product to maintain their exclusivity.  

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Mikaya – Cute Loungewear and Pyjama Trends You’ll Want To Wear All Day!

Mikaya – Cute Loungewear and Pyjama Trends You’ll Want To Wear All Day!

Formal clothing has taken a back seat these days to loungewear and pyjamas. Consumers are now seeking ways to feel better in their work-from-home uniforms during the coronavirus pandemic.

Created by mom and her two daughters, Mikaya makes trendy, good quality pyjamas, loungewear, and bean bags that are unique, vibrant, high quality at a reasonable cost. For loungewear, the brand focuses on effortless dressing and they have a great collection.

Quality sleep is a new luxury for millennials and comfort continues to be important and Mikaya offers designs that are aesthetically pleasing. Their range of products facilitates calm and comfort and their soft sleepwear sets are made with lightweight refined natural materials.

Mikaya also makes a variety of giant bean bags which can be customised to suit your space!

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Handcrafted polymer clay jewellery made for every occasion

Handcrafted polymer clay jewellery made for every occasion

The Matchy Matchy Collection is a passion project of Liezl Craig-Swart. She relates how the brand came about.               

‘Matchy Matchy’ is a saying my sister and I concocted to describe our habit of compulsively pairing the outfit we are wearing with the same colour accessory. Everything has to match: gold earrings with a golden bracelet; not rose gold. A pink scarf with the darker shade of pink sweater. If you do not have a jacket to go with the dress you are wearing, you would rather go cold than throw a mismatch over your shoulders.

My mother and the 80’s are to blame for our fixation. You know, the years when women used to dye their handbags and shoes to match their shoulder-padded dresses. My mom’s obsession started with matching home-sewn dresses for herself and my older sister and evolved into turning my sister and I into twins despite the four-year age gap. From there it escalated to colour-coding jewellery to each home-made outfit.

And that, my friends, is how our mom became one of the pioneers for polymer clay jewellery. No, it was not the boho hippy chicks that came up with the idea. Polymer clay has been around for ages, and my mom used it to create clip-on earrings with matching bulky beaded necklaces in 1985.

The Matchy Matchy Collection aims to carry that legacy forward. We started this passion project in July 2019 and since then started a sister branch in Malta when my sister moved there in November.

Polymer clay is pigmented and sculpted into a design which is then baked to cure them. The material is extremely lightweight and can withstand being dropped. Saying that they should still be handled with care. I create one-of-kind handcrafted earrings from this material and only repeat a design on request. Since it is handmade, no design will ever look like another. I create small ranges in a colour scheme or pattern, and each pair is usually in a different design. Taking into consideration that this brand was born out of a love of perfectly coordinated outfits, I love creating custom designs on request. So, if you have a special outfit and can’t find the perfect accessory, you know who to contact.



Enter the world of magnificent simplicity… Where classical meets modernity!

Enter the world of magnificent simplicity… Where classical meets modernity!

Noxolo Mseleku is a young black female jewellery designer known for her unique customised creations. The love she has for jewellery and its history is immaculate and this is why she has created Elegânté, a brand that expresses this nature.

Living in Europe for two years awoke a passion, love, and eagerness to express stories through jewellery pieces, each and every piece she designs and manufactures tells a story.

Noxolo Mseleku

“To me jewellery is like a dream that travels within the portals of radiant insurgency, where imagination is limitless and possibilities are infinite,” says Noxolo.


  • Design and manufacture branded jewellery and non-branded this gives us the opportunity to manufacture for other jewellery businesses
  • Design and manufacture customised jewellery
  • Repairing jewellery
  • Gold plating
  • Corporate gifts

BAGGY STYLE – A fashion trend to consider for styling your winter wardrobe!

BAGGY STYLE – A fashion trend to consider for styling your winter wardrobe!

Women’s Puffer Jackets

Winter provides the perfect excuse to throw on jeans and a sweater every day right! But, it is time to brush up on winter’s biggest trends by looking at what Baggy Style has in store for you, for a chic street style look this season.

Baggy Style is an online boutique which currently offers a variety of women’s winter fashion trends. We have narrowed down the street style trends to a few looks below.

The 90s might be behind us, but puffer jackets are still very much on the agenda. The perfect partner to any outfit when the temperature drops. Baggy Style’s women’s puffer jackets are very stylish. Their classic padded jackets a permanent fixture when it comes to your daytime flex, or try soft teddy jackets if it’s a seriously warm coat you’re after.

Furry, Fuzzy Outerwear

Parkas and puffers are great for winter, but when you really want to feel like a million bucks, nothing beats a plush faux fur coat. This season’s offerings are better than ever with brands debuting furry coats in vibrant colours. If colourful fur is not your cup of tea, you can easily find a brown or black outerwear alternative. The coats are so cosy, you may even find yourself draped in one while you wait for the heat to be turned on.

Neutral Fleece Coat for a Classic Chic Look 

If you’re looking for a classic elegant look that is suitable for work or formal outings, pick a fleece coat in a neutral colour like brown, white, grey or black. You can go for a monochrome outfit to add even more elegance to your look, especially if you pair it with high heels.  

Leather Separates

Instead of playing it safe with a leather jacket this season, opt for a cute leather two-piece. If you want to separate the two-piece, leather bottoms, provide an easy way to dress up your beige sweater or even a white t-shirt. Throw on a cardigan or blazer and you’ll be ready to leave your apartment looking like a street style star. The top can be worn with a slim fit pair of jeans and look super chic!

Oversized Knitwear

Stay cosy and cute with the soft knit perfectly oversized, open front bodice and long sleeves. It’s the trend for this winter!

Here are more winter fashion items from Baggy Style to choose from and style yourself for the season.

For all the above and more fashion trends, visit Baggy Style’s Instagram page

“Give the girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world” – Julz

“Give the girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world” – Julz

Julz is an exciting leather shoe and handbag range which launched in 2014 by Julie Oates. The brand focuses on bringing comfortable quality leather shoes and handbags straight from the catwalk and the latest global trends at affordable prices. Julz is based in the friendly city of Port Elizabeth in South Africa and has over 200 distributors in the country.

The Julz brand’s success stems from the fact that they pay attention to detail and source high-quality materials and invest in research and development to ensure that their shoes are stylish and comfortable.

Julz has been successful in South Africa and they strive to mimic the success and look for Julz wholesale distributions in the UK and Europe markets. Once they have achieved that, plan to start looking at other countries.